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Month: November 2019

30 Best Happy 17th Birthday Wishes For Friends And Family

Happy 17th Birthday

Happy 17th birthday! You are quickly approaching the end of your teenage years, so be sure to enjoy them while they last!

Happy 17th Birthday


Your birthday was fast approaching, and today it is here! I wish you a happy 17th birthday, and may it be that you will enjoy every minute of your special day today.

Happy 17th Birthday


Happy 17th birthday to you, my awesome friend! You made my high school years so much more fun and memorable with your presence!


Happy 17th birthday! Life has been much more joyful with your presence, especially when you happen to be in my classroom too! Blessed be, my best student.


One more year and you’re going to be lawfully legal for most stuff! 4 years more and you would reach your drinking age too! There’s plenty to look forward to. Enjoy the coming years, happy 17th birthday girl!

Happy 17th Birthday images


Your 17th birthday should be spent with your best friends and classmates. Make sure to invite them to your surprise birthday party that we’re throwing for you!


Happy 17th birthday! You’re fast approaching adulthood, and we can only hope that you enjoyed your childhood and your teenage years before that too!


Happy birthday, our dearest one! Life has so much to offer to you and everyone else around you if you just knew to stop, look around and appreciate them. May you have a joyful 17th birthday ahead!

Happy 17th Birthday


Who’d know that the most mature child in our family is only 17 this day? Happy birthday to you, our little one! We love you to no end!


Happy 17th birthday! You may still be a high-schooler, but you sure do act more mature than that! So proud of everything that you managed to achieve so far!


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy 17th Birthday Son

Happy 17th birthday, son! You are growing up into a promising adult, and we hope that you know how we’ll always be proud of you.

Happy 17th Birthday Son


It’s your 17th birthday today! We know how stressful high school can be at your age, and we hope that this birthday party we throw for you will help you relax! Happy Birthday Son.


Every boy deserves to have a memorable birthday celebration in high school. Let’s hope that this one will make you happy! Cheers, newly-17-boy!


Happy 17th birthday, son! You have made us the proudest parents in the whole wide world, and it is only right that we wish you everything you ever wanted in life too!

Happy 17th Birthday Son


Happy 17th birthday! We know we haven’t been the easiest parents to you, but you have always been understanding and knew that our intents were good. We love you, son.


Happy 17th Birthday Daughter

Happy 17th birthday! Growing up, you have always wanted to be a princess. We hope you know that you will always be the sweetest princess in the world to us.

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter


You are on steady and healthy progress from childhood to adulthood now, our little girl. We hope that you’ll have a wonderful day on your special day today. Happy 17th birthday!


With older age, comes greater wisdom and greater responsibilities still. Happy 17th birthday, dearest daughter, and may you thrive years later as you do today.


For your 17th birthday, our dearest daughter, we would love to give you everything you ever wanted but that might be too much even for us!

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter


Happy 17th birthday, daughter dearest. You sure are growing up into the most wonderful woman! Looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with you!


Happy 17th Birthday Images

Happy 17th birthday! You definitely have a special place in my heart for being such an awesome friend to me without asking for anything in return. You’re the best!

Happy 17th Birthday images


Happy 17th birthday! You’re the one shining star in my world. And I’d love to have you around for a long, long time to come.


Thank you so much for being an excellent friend, an understanding companion and a patient partner, but most of all, happy 17th birthday!


How does it feel to be just one year away from adulthood? In any case, we wish you a happy birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday


Happy birthday, my dearest friend! You definitely played a strong role in making my high school days memorable and fun. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Happy 17th Birthday Girl

Happy 17th birthday to the special girl in my life! We may both be young and inexperienced in the eye of others, but you have taught me plenty and I’ll always be grateful.

Happy 17th Birthday Girl


Happy 17th birthday to the sweetest person I have ever known! Your selflessness is something rare to find these days, and I can only wish that you feel just as cared for.


A happy, happy 17th birthday to you! Thank you for everything that you have done for us. It’s so rare to see a bright, sunny and helpful youth like yourself these days!


Happy 17th birthday, little girl! You have this unique way of making people around you happy even when they don’t want to be. Have an awesome birthday celebration today!

Happy 17th Birthday Girl


Happy 17th birthday, girl! You make lessons fun and classes a happy even to go to everyday. Your classmates are lucky to have you around!


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25 Best Love Hurts Quotes To Share The Pain Events Greetings

Love Hurts Quotes

This may sound cheesy, but love can truly hurt. People always say that what comes easy won’t be worth it, and what’s worth it don’t come easy. That is why I believe in us.


Love hurts, but that’s only because you care so much for the other person. In a way, that is proof that you really loved someone.

Love Hurts Quotes


Do what you want to, but love will always hurt. There’s bound to be arguments, conflicts and more, but if you have the strength to go through it together, you’ll emerge stronger than ever.


Don’t be scared of a relationship just because you expect it to hurt. It WILL hurt, but that’s okay. It’s going to be worth it.


Some relationships are easygoing, while some hurts all the way. Be smart about it and understand if the pain is worth it.

Love Hurts Quotes


If love hurts too much, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Not every relationship is worth the pain, especially when the pain starts to be more extreme than the happiness you feel.


You deserve to be happy in a relationship just like others do. Never sell yourself short in a relationship, or you’ll find that somehow, love hurts very, very much.


Lost Love Quotes

If you have to wonder if it’s normal for a relationship to be so painful, then maybe it’s time to walk away. There are warning signs to a relationship, and too much pain is simply one of it.

Love Hurts Quotes For Her


Don’t hide away from the arguments in a relationship. Take it as a learning curve for both of you to be happy in a relationship eventually, and you’ll be just fine.


Love hurts the most when you keep giving and giving, and receive nothing in return. Set your boundaries, and you might be just fine.


A relationship is a two-way thing. It won’t work if only one person is putting in the effort. Understand that you matter just as much as your partner, and you’ll save yourself from the pain.

Love Hurts Quotes


Don’t pretend that you don’t hurt when you are. If you have to pretend, then maybe that relationship just isn’t what you dream it to be after all.


Doesn’t it hurt when you realize that you don’t matter to your partner like they do to you? There’s no point in staying in that relationship anymore when you realize something like that.


It hurts, because I love you and yet you are not with me; and yet somehow, I still have hopes that one day you would finally look at me.

Love Hurts Quotes


All I wanted was to have a little bit of your attention – to know that I matter to you just as much as you do to me. Somehow, it seems like even that is too much for you.


Love Quotes For him

Love Hurts Quotes For Him

Love hurts for me, but only because I will never be certain if anything I do will ever be enough for you. I feel like I don’t deserve you.

Love Hurts Quotes


Love hurts for him because he can never be enough for her. Love hurts for her because she will never feel herself measuring up to his other partners.


Love shouldn’t hurt, but it does because, well, every relationship will hurt at one point or another. It’s just part and parcel of what we call a relationship.


Every day, I think of how happy you are now that you are finally away from me. It hurts, but I know that you are happier now.

Love Hurts Quotes


I wish that I’m the one you’re happy around, but I suppose it could be for the best that someone else’s love makes you happier than mine.


Love Quotes For Her

Love Hurts Quotes For Her

It hurts because I miss you and I still love you. Yet on the other side of our story, you are now so much happier and you have moved on.


Honestly? I thought that you’d be the one for me. I thought that we’d be each other’s happily ever after, but obviously I was wrong, wasn’t I?


I thought that our love wasn’t the type that would hurt, because we fit so well together. But the fact that I thought wrong was what really hurt the most, more than anything else.


Every night, I think about you, about us, about everything that we could have been if I hadn’t made that stupid, wrong decision. I’m so sorry that it hurt you too.

Love Hurts Quotes For Him


I loved you. So very much that I forgot to love myself too. If the ending has to serve as a short painful parting, so be it. We have both learned our lessons.

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19 Types of Marriages – Luvze

Types of Marriages

You probably grew up thinking about finding the man or woman of your dreams. Maybe you would daydream and wonder who you would marry one day.

How would you meet this special person who you might spend the rest of your life with? What would your marriage be like and what type of arrangement would you have with each other?

In the olden days, marriage could be pretty simple. A man would marry a woman and that was that. Usually, she would do all of the household work and he would go out and provide for his wife and family. Often, they would have kids if it was possible.

In a traditional marriage, the man would often have the final say in everything and the wife was there to obey and serve him. These days, not every marriage is like that.

There are many people out there that are still in traditional marriages today. In this case, the wife will stay at home with the kids and she is the one who will take care of the house.

A traditional wife cooks and cleans. The husband works and provides for the family. He is the provider while the wife is the caretaker.

These days, marriage can mean many things. If you have seen one marriage, then you have just seen one type of marriage. The dynamics and roles in each marriage can differ from household to household.

Nowadays, the world is a lot bigger to us and we have more options to choose from. Instead of marrying out of necessity, many people now marry for love. There are a lot of marriages out there that many people would consider to be non-traditional.

Different Types of Marriages

1. Civil marriage and religious marriage

When it comes to marriage, there are two broad types of marriage: civil marriage and religious marriage.

A civil marriage is a marriage that is licensed and recognized by the state, while a religious marriage is a marriage that is recognized within a certain religion. A marriage can also combine these two types of marriages.

2. Interfaith marriage

It is common for two people of the same religious faith to marry each other. But as the years have gone by, society has become more and more diverse.

There are times when two people will get married while being from different religious backgrounds. This kind of marriage is referred to as interfaith marriage.

In an interfaith marriage, two people of the same religion will get married, while in a marital conversion, one person will convert to the religion of the other person in order to get married.

If you and the person you want to marry are of different religious faiths, then you will have to decide if you want to have an interfaith marriage or if one of you wants to convert.

This decision is not a simple one. One of you might be more religious while the other one does not mind converting.

Or maybe both of you like your respective religions. If you want to have kids you will also want to discuss how the children will be raised in regard to religious beliefs.

3. Common-law marriage

There is also a type of union that is called a common-law marriage. In this case, the two people have entered into an agreement that they are married without formally going into a civil marriage or a religious marriage.

In a common-law marriage, the two people involved are living together as if they were husband and wife. But there is no marriage certificate or religious ceremony involved.

4. Monogamous marriage

We are all familiar with the idea of a monogamous marriage. That is when two people marry. In this case, you only have one spouse and that is the end of the story.

When you are in a monogamous marriage, you have dedicated yourself to living out the rest of your life with this one person unless you end up divorcing or one of you ends up dying first.

While marriage, in general, is a bit commitment, monogamy is a huge part of that commitment to your spouse.

5. Polygamous marriage

The opposite of the monogamous marriage is the polygamous marriage. This is the type of marriage where you have more than one spouse. It can also be referred to by some people as a plural marriage.

Even though polygamy might seem like a thing of the past, there are still some cultures out there where polygamy is considered the norm or it is even expected. In many cultures today, however, polygamy is against the law.

To get even more specific, polygyny is when one man is married to more than one woman. In these marriages, the women are referred to as sister wives, even though they are not sisters by blood.

These women are all bound by their marriage to the same guy and they learn how to live side by side as sister wives.

Polyandry, on the other hand, is when one woman is married to more than one man. While is it is relatively unheard of, it is practiced in some parts of the world.

If you are a member of the church of Latter Day Saints, then you might have heard of a celestial marriage. While it might sound like a marriage between two stars, a celestial marriage is not that at all.

There is the old saying, “until death do us part.” But in a celestial marriage, there is the belief that the marriage of two people can least forever in heaven.

6. Left-handed marriage

Even though it might sound like a marriage between two lefties, that is not at all what a left-handed marriage. A left-handed marriage also called a morganatic marriage, is a union between two people of unequal social ranking.

It has been common in the olden days, for the nobility to only marry other people that were nobility as well. But as more and more people began to marry for love, marriages were taking place in which the two people did not come from the same social status.

This type of marriage can be an issue for people if one person is of noble rank and the other person is of lesser ranking. In this kind of marriage, the person of lower rank will not inherit the titles and privileges of the higher-ranking individual.

This is a reminder that the lower ranking spouse, along with any children they might have, are lesser than the person of higher rank.

When two people in a left-handed marriage get married, they will have to get used to the differences that they have in how they were brought up.

7. Secret marriage

A secret marriage is a marriage that is hidden from the family members and friends. Usually, this is done as a civil marriage, but there are also religious figures who will perform this type of marriage as well.

There are many reasons why a couple might choose to have a secret marriage. This might be done for legal reasons including issues with immigration. The couple might also want their privacy.

Sometimes the family and friends will not agree with a union, and so the couple will choose to marry in secret in order to avoid drama. That way, you will not have to worry about your parents trying to convince you to change your mind about getting married.

There are also times when a couple will have a secret marriage and then celebrate later on with their family and friends. This can make sense for a couple who just want their special moment for themselves.

For people who enter a secret marriage, doing so might even be a last-minute decision. Two people might decide to quickly and quietly get married and then they will wait to share the big news with their families.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. For some couples, a secret wedding makes a lot of sense because you will have a lot less to worry about when it comes for planning and preparing for the big day.

In a secret wedding, the focus on the wedding day is going to be solely on the happy couple instead of having to worry about flower arrangements, wedding invitations, the catering, and a million other little details.

A secret wedding can also save you a lot of money. If you do not have a big wedding, then you can be sure that you will save a lot of money and if you choose to do so, you can spend it on something else like your dream honeymoon or your first house together instead.

8. Shotgun marriage

Marriages are typically thought of as a huge milestone in your life. It is one that is usually well-thought-out and a lot of planning goes into this big event in your life.

If you ever dreamed about getting married, it was probably for someone that you love. You might have fantasized about meeting “the one” and tying the knot with him or her. For those in a shotgun marriage, the circumstances are a little different.

In a shotgun marriage, a wedding takes place because the bride and groom are unexpectedly having a baby. The marriage is done in order to preserve the reputation of the people involved and is not necessarily done out of romance or a strong love between the bride and groom.

While not all unmarried couples with an unplanned pregnancy will get married before the baby is born, some people choose to do so. They do this out of a desire for their child to be born into a home where the mom and dad are married.

If you are thinking about having a shotgun marriage, ask yourself the following question: would you still marry this person even if you were not having a baby together?

9. Mixed marriage

A mixed marriage is also called an interracial marriage. In this kind of marriage, two people who are of different races get married.

Historically, people of different races could not marry each other and there would be laws that would prohibit such marriages from occurring. Even today, mixed couples might find it hard to be together because their family and friends or even strangers do not approve of the relationship.

Because two people in a mixed marriage will be coming from different backgrounds, there can be difficulties when it comes to understanding the cultures that they come from.

If you are in a mixed marriage or relationship, try to learn more about the other spouse’s culture. Make sure that you communicate with each other and be openminded and willing to try new things.

10. Same-sex marriage

A same-sex marriage is when two people of the same gender get married. While many countries still do not allow this kind of union, in recent years there are countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

11. Love marriage

In some societies, it is common or expected for people to marry out of love. This is what you call a love marriage.

12. Convenience marriage

A convenience marriage is when two people marry for reasons other than love. This type of marriage is usually done for practical or financial reason.

If you belong to a noble family, you might even marry for political reasons. It was common for royals from different royal households to marry each other in order to form political alliances.

13. Arranged marriage

While many people will marry for love, sometimes a person can have trouble finding the right person to settle down with. In some cultures around the world, people will enter into an arranged marriage.

An arranged marriage is a marriage that is planned between the families of the bride and groom. In this kind of marriage, the bride and groom often do not know each other and they do not really choose who they get to marry.

There are many reasons for an arranged marriage. Many times, an arranged marriage is done to benefit the families involved for any number of reasons.

Sometimes a professional matchmaker is used to help find appropriate matches. There are even dating websites and apps that provide the service of matchmaking as well.

In some cases, the parents or family members might even introduce prospective brides and grooms to each other to see if there is a possible match there. If the interest is not there, then the match does not go forward.

An arranged marriage is not necessarily the same thing as a forced marriage. While they might seem similar, they are actually two different things.

In an arranged marriage, either person involved has the right to refuse to get married, while in a forced marriage, the people involved are given no choice in the matter.

Besides having many different types of marriages, there are also many different kinds of dynamics within a marriage.

When it comes to marriage, monogamy is usually a given. But sometimes, people will make the decision to have an open marriage.

This means that the husband and wife have agreed to stay together while also dating other people at the same time. In a true open marriage, both spouses should be on board with this, otherwise it will not end well.

People tend to romanticize the idea of marriage, especially if they have not been married yet. What we often imagine is happily cuddling in bed together every night and greeting each other in the morning with a kiss as you both lovingly start your day together.

As you settle more into your marriage, you will see what kind of dynamic you and your spouse have together. Each couple is different and they will have their own unique qualities to bring to the marriage.

Besides thinking about what kind of marriage you want to enter into, you have also probably given some thought to what kind of person you want to marry.

When it comes to the man or woman that you settle down with, what kind of dynamic are you hoping to have with them? There are so many dynamics that a marriage can have. Which one will you have?

14. The lovebirds

If you and your spouse never left the honeymoon stage, then you are just a pair of lovebirds. You rarely fight and when you do, you make up right away.

The two of you are very affectionate with each other and love to cuddle and hold hands. You can never get enough of each other.

What you will want to be careful of is that you do not smother each other. It can be good to give each other some space sometimes.

15. The always together couple

In this kind of marriage, you and your husband or wife do everything together. Your interests become your spouse’s interests and vice versa.

In fact, most of your friends are not sure that they have ever seen the two of you apart. You are so in tune to each other that you barely miss a beat with each other.

The one downside to this kind of marriage is that you might lose yourself and your sense of identity. It can be healthy to have your own separate interests and activities aside from what you and your spouse do together as a couple.

16. The one with the boss

Some marriages are very balanced, but in most of them there is clearly a person who wears the pants. That means that they are usually the boss in this relationship.

From figuring out your schedules to what needs to be done around the house and who needs to do what, the boss in your marriage keeps it all together.

He or she will see what needs to be done and will let you know what you need to accomplish whether it is the laundry or reminding you that a bill needs to be paid.

Sometimes this kind of dynamic can be frustrating. It is good for you to also have your own voice. If you find yourself in this kind of relationship, do not be afraid to take charge once in a while.

17. The hot and cold marriage

Some marriages are very passionate and explosive. One day you love each other, the next day you are fighting like cats and dogs.

In this kind of marriage, it is good to communicate and to be careful about what you say and do. You should feel comfortable expressing yourself but consider the feelings of your spouse as well.

18. The living together separately marriage

If you are in this kind of marriage, then you and your husband or wife are very independent. You both have your own set of friends and hobbies that do not necessarily overlap.

You might even have different working schedules and you might not get a lot of downtime together. When you do have free time to spend together, make sure that it counts.

Try to make time for each other, even if you have very different schedules and interests.

19. Zombie marriage

In a zombie marriage, you and your spouse are just going through the motions. You might be nice to each other and keep up appearances to family and friends, but the truth is that the spark is long gone and you might even wonder sometimes why you are still married to this person.

You might not even really fight or have huge disagreements. But you know that something is stagnant in the relationship. One of you or both of you might feel this way about the relationship.

Maybe you feel apathetic to your spouse. You are both stuck in the same old routine. Sometimes it is not too late to try to resuscitate your marriage.

If you want to try to work on this marriage, then there are a few things you can try. Show your affection and appreciation for one another.

Look back on your relationship together to see what used to make it so great. Find old photos and reminisce together and then think about how you can use these good memories to help rejuvenate your marriage.

These are just a number of the many types of marriage that exist all around the world. Every marriage is a little bit different and no two stories are quite the same.

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Signs He Wants to Say I Love You – Luvze

Signs He Wants to Say I Love You

Telling somebody that you love them is a big step, and it is not at all unusual for a guy to feel a bit shy when it comes to sharing those three big words. However, sometimes cold feet can be mistaken for apathy, and it can be hard to tell if and when a guy you are really into is ready to get serious.

The good news is that there are handy ways you can use to read between the lines and get a more accurate picture of whether he feels the same way about you that you feel about him or vice versa for that matter! By tapping into verbal cues, body language, the way he communicates and his actions, you can also pick up on some of the key signs that he wants to say I love you.

Here is what to look for:

Don’t Forget Those Subtle Verbal Cues

Sometimes words can be more meaningful than they seem. And sometimes even what people don’t say can say a lot.

These indicators can help you read between the lines to tell you he might be gearing up to say I love you.

The L Word Comes Up in Other Ways

Even if he doesn’t outright say it, if he’s really into you, little verbal hints are likely to reveal that he’s getting ready to let the ‘l-bomb’ drop sooner rather than later. Sometimes, even if he isn’t actually saying it, he is still saying it, if you get the drift. Essentially, you are probably going to start catching hints of those three big words in a lot of the things that he says.

For example, he might start gently testing the waters by taking on a teasing or light-hearted tone while suggesting that “You know you love him.” If this is the case, deep down the answer to this question is probably more serious to him than it may outwardly appear. So if you want to get the ball rolling, don’t be shy when it comes to telling him your true feelings.

That said, it could also be more subtle. You might just catch yourself engaged in conversations that are more mushy and cheesy than you ever thought possible or you might notice he always uses ‘we’ pronouns to talk about the two of you together. Bonus points if you catch him stuttering to try and find words to describe how he feels when he is around you without using the word ‘love’. He might also be super quick to express how much he ‘likes’ you or ‘likes spending time with you.’

Let’s face it. Even if the timing is totally perfect, it can sometimes just be hard to get those big words out in the open. If this is the case, and you are starting to feel a bit antsy about beating around the bush, why not step up and take that three-letter plunge yourself? After all, the signs are certainly pointing to the fact that he wants to say ‘I love you.’ Understandably, he is probably just a little nervous. Somebody has to do it though, so if you really love him and want to be able to express it to him openly, all the power to you. Somebody has to break that ice!

You Start Catching Notable Pregnant Pauses in Your Conversations

One of the more telling signs that he has three words that he is hoping to find the courage to insert into that pause is if you start to feel some heavy dead air right after you say goodbye to each other. After all, people consciously use pauses to communicate, so he might be trying to tell you that there is something he wants to say.

You might notice that he stands in your doorway for a moment longer after you send him off to work or you might notice he stays on the line for a few extra seconds after you say goodbye on the phone before he hangs up. He may also just appear quiet or brooding for random short moments when you are hanging out.

This kind of behavior can sometimes be a little confusing, mostly since on the surface it seems a little awkward. If you are feeling thrown off my some funny pauses or other nervous speech patterns there is probably nothing to worry about. On the contrary, these goofy moments are usually a good sign. He might just be trying to build up the courage to take your relationship to the next level.

He Gives You Compliments to Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Is your guy always saying the type of nice things that make you blush? Well, chances are he just might be looking for an opportunity to build to saying ‘I love you’. After all, it always feels great to hear a person that you are romantically involved with openly express how they see you.

If he can’t seem to hold back on complimenting everything about you, from the way that you walk to the funny little giggle you save for special occasions, chances are he is wearing those rose-colored glasses and doesn’t plan on taking them off any time soon.

Don’t be fooled though, just because he is always seeing the best in you doesn’t mean that you don’t absolutely deserve to receive all these wonderful compliments. Not to mention complimenting somebody is one of the easiest ways to show people that you really care. After all, you are a great catch, and if he wants to say I love you he shouldn’t be scared to hold back on expressing all those fantastic things about you that he just can’t get enough of either!

Body Language Doesn’t Lie

Sometimes the way that people verbally express themselves doesn’t match up with what their bodies are saying. So what should you believe? Well, since body language is largely subconscious, it is more likely to be a direct reflection of how somebody really feels. In other words, body language doesn’t lie.

That’s why these non-verbal cues all qualify as some telltale signs he wants to say I love you.

He Showers You in Kisses

Sure, all couples kiss. But if your kisses have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ epic silent movie intense romantic type quality, chances are there is something there. However, it’s not just about the way he kisses you. You also want to pay attention to how often he kisses you.

Maybe it’s pretty clear that he just can’t seem to keep his lips off you. Don’t forget that since love knows no limits, you might also find that he doesn’t just go for the lips. Your forehead, your fingertips, the nose, your ears, your hand, maybe even your big toe, if a guy loves you and is thinking of telling you, there is probably no limits to when and where his kisses may land. Another sign he wants to say I love you is if those kisses tend to linger.

So if you are feeling yourself showered in kisses and affection when you are around him and really enjoying returning the favor, you might want to start preparing yourself for hearing him say the big words sooner rather than later.

You Catch Him Staring at You

If you have a funny feeling that somebody is always staring at you, you may just be right. Admittedly, catching him staring at you from all angles can sometimes come off as a little bit creepy. However, if you find yourself looking over to catch his eye, again and again, it’s a pretty clear sign that he not only finds you highly desirable but also that you are on his mind.

Here’s the thing. Deciding that you love somebody is a big move, emotionally speaking. Pop culture can sometimes make us think that love is something that can happen overnight. In reality, a strong relationship is built upon a foundation of hard work and commitment. This is why seeing signs that he is taking the time to carefully consider how he feels about you is probably a very good sign.

Another more subtle cue to look out for is the actual way that he looks at you when you notice him gazing in your direction. Looking at each other per se is not a big deal. People look at people all the time, and it certainly doesn’t preclude the fact that they love each other.

However, when people want to express their love, they will probably be inclined to convey a more intense or dreamy type of stare. Sometimes it’s all in the eyes. After all, eye contact can actually stimulate and reinforce feelings of love and affection. If he’s into you, he’s probably also making an effort to make eye contact, and you may be seeing something that feels a bit more than casual in the way he looks at you in particular.

The point is that if you happen to spot a certain glazed-over, yet focused look in his eyes every time you turn his way, he might just be thinking about whether now is the right time to tell you how much he really cares.

He Wants to Get Close to You … All the Time

Not everybody loves to cuddle, and it isn’t about gender. After all, there are lots of men out there who like to cuddle more than women. Indeed, how much or little a person likes to get close is usually simply about how much personal space feels healthy for them.

That being said, whether you are a total cuddle fiend or prefer to have a bit more space to yourself, it’s probably going to feel a lot better if you are cozied up to somebody who you are really into. Of course, there is no reason to think that it is any different for your guy.

This means that if he is always looking for an opportunity to cuddle in close, in private or in public alike, he is probably dealing with some strong feelings for you as well. After all, cuddling is a great way to create a stronger sense of sexual desire or all-around affection for a person, so if he is always snuggling up to you, chances are he is invested in keeping that flame burning strong.

Keep in mind that different people show their affection in different ways, and there is no need to freak if you feel that he isn’t always getting close. Sometimes something as subtle as holding your hand or touching your arm can be just as meaningful and sexy as a big full-on squeeze. However, if you do notice him cuddling in more than usual, this can be one of the signs he wants to say I love you since physically getting close can help to foster loving and affectionate conversations.

His Smile Says It All

Okay, now for a test. Does the following scenario sound suspiciously familiar?

Imagine that you are chatting away about some everyday stuff and look over to notice that your guy is sporting an ear to ear grin. Meanwhile, you may be left wondering why he is smiling like that, especially if you didn’t actually say anything funny? Is he laughing at you? Is there something on your face? If this is the case, don’t stress.

Indeed, if you catch him smiling when you are around him, there is a good chance he is thinking happy thoughts about you and probably just can’t help himself from letting it show. This also means that he may be inclined to say I love you sometime in the not-so-distant future.

You might also expect to hear him express all those happy feels that he’s having such a hard time holding in. He might say things like “I feel so grateful to have found you” or other statements that betray that he firmly believes that in finding you he has stumbled upon nothing short of a pure stroke of wonderful luck and is feeling genuinely joyous about it! Naturally, you should be feeling the same way too.

Communication is the Heart of a Healthy Connection

If you have great communication with you guy, you are probably both invested in building the type of relationship that will last.

Good communication is about more than just words though. The following are some of the indicators that he is working toward communicating on a deeper level and probably wants to say I love you to prove it.

You Get the Sense He Sees the Real You

You might not really feel able to put what you are sensing into words, but if he is really into you he is probably going to want to try to peel back those layers of social niceties that we all use and get the bottom of who you really are. In turn, you will probably get a distinct impression that he sees the real you, or in other words, that part of yourself that you tend to keep reserved for those people in your life who you truly trust.

Even better, if he is putting in the effort to really get to know you on a deeper level, chances are that he really likes what he is seeing, or better put, what he is really seeing! He will also probably start taking note of all those little things that shape your day-to-day interactions like the way that you act around people who you may feel a little less comfortable with, for example. Remembering important dates and events that you share with him is also another telltale sign that suggests that he really cares about what matters to you.

After all, if he is thinking of saying I love you, he is also probably going to be looking for his own sense of proof that you are willing to be open to intimacy. The fact that he is able to throw back the curtain and see you for who you really are may also mean that you are willing to be open and vulnerable enough to let him in, so kudos to you too! Looks like the feelings are mutual!

He Talks Openly About All His Feelings

Emotional intimacy is a key ingredient in any type of healthy relationship that you want to build to last, and this means that both partners have to be willing to open up and share their feelings. If one or both of you feel too uncomfortable to talk about what you are really feeling in any given moment, you will also be incidentally holding back on revealing your true self, and it is very hard to be in love with somebody if you don’t actually know who they are!

This is why if you find that your guy is willing to share what he is feeling with you in an honest and open way, he might be gearing up to take things to the next level by saying those three big words you have been waiting to hear. Keep in mind that if he is truly willing to be emotionally vulnerable, he should be willing to get down to the nitty-gritty and not just talk about those feelings that are all sunshine and roses.

As previously mentioned, sharing those positive feels is a great thing, especially when he makes it clear that those warm-fuzzy feelings are directly related to how he feels about you. However, life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, and if he is being fully emotionally honest than he will tell you about those not-so-fun feels as well, like, for example, how he felt embarrassed after tripping and falling on your doorstep.

Providing you are willing to be just as emotionally honest with him as he is with you, you might want to start preparing yourself to hear the l-word because true emotional openness is one of the telltale key signs that he wants to say I love you. After all, love is by nature emotional, and you have to have a strong foundation in place if you are truly to share these types of powerful feelings with each other.

He Texts You Throughout the Day, Every Day

Are the texts always rolling between you two, day and night? If he is always texting you when you are apart, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he is probably thinking about you a lot, even when you are apart.

Some noteworthy texts to watch out for are: “I miss you” texts and “I wish you were here” texts. If he wishes you were there every time he experiences something exciting, enjoyable or moving, it just might be love. If he can’t get you off his mind, and you the same, then logic tells you he may be inclined to drop the love word sooner rather than later.

Why is texting such a tell-tale sign? Well, essentially, it is one of those things that is often a lot more fun to do with somebody who you genuinely enjoy talking to. This is why we tend to text some people back more quickly than others. Likewise, little cues like routinely quick responses can also be one of the signs he wants to say I love you someday soon.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and sometimes they can be a precursor to your guy saying what he really wants to say. The point is, if he is showing it, chances are he is feeling it too.

Here are some of the key actions that can tell you he loves you without even having to say it.

He’s There Through Thick, Thin and Everything in Between

So this one is really a must for any healthy relationship. If you want to build a stable sense of trust that will keep your flame for each other burning strong, then you need to know that he will be there for you when you need the support.

After all, being deeply in love is about a lot more than sex. If you are really digging each other, you are going to be willing to put in the energy needed to make it work, and this means being emotionally supportive of each other through the easy times and the hard times alike.

This means that if you notice that your guy is always there to lend a helping hand with those boring day-to-day errands or a shoulder to cry on when you are feeling down, he is also probably committed to being in it for the long haul. Likewise, if he is willing to work to be there for you, he will also probably be willing to push past the awkwardness and tell you that he loves you.

He Wants to Spend Lots of Time With You, But Not Too Much

Have you noticed that he is always looking for excuses to be around you? Or maybe he will brush off his friends just to spend more time with you? Essentially, if he wants to be around you, he is into you, and this means that he will probably also be considering saying I love you to prove it.

Of course, every healthy relationship has boundaries, and it is unreasonable and unhealthy to expect your guy to want to be with you at all times, especially after that initial honeymoon phase is over. Speaking of the honeymoon phase, as great as it is, end it must if you want to continue to build a strong foundation for the future.

This means that you should also be paying attention to whether he is willing to respect your boundaries. Hanging out all the time can be fun, but we all need some time to unwind and connect with ourselves too. If you find that he makes it clear that he loves hanging out with you, but also knows when to give you the space you need, chances are he’s a keeper!

He is Continually Proving That He Cares

This can manifest itself in a number of ways, but what really matters is that you are constantly and continually feeling that he cares about you. Maybe he goes all out to make each and every date night special and unique, maybe he goes out of his way to cook for you or maybe he just sends you thoughtful little texts to brighten up your day.

Every couple has their own rhythm, so no need to sweat the details. If he is using simple gestures to help remind you over and over again that he wants to make you happy, he is also telling you in not so many words that he is serious about your relationship. Of course, saying I love you is a key step in building any strong relationship, so if he is always doing things to remind you of how much he cares about you he will probably take the big plunge and say I love you at some point in the near future too.

Things Are Moving Quickly

Does he freely leave your stuff lying around his place? Did he buy you a toothbrush to use when you stay at his? Have you already met his mother even though you’ve only been dating for a month? Are you already exclusive even though you haven’t been seeing each other for very long? If things are moving at what can sometimes seem like a break-neck speed, there is a good chance that you are both feeling pretty sure about liking each other. In this case, feel no need to beat around the bush!

Not all healthy relationships move fast off the start, and sometimes moving too quickly can do more harm than good, especially if one or both partners aren’t ready or willing to be fully emotionally open with each other. That being said, a relationship that seems to be progressing at the speed of light can be a good thing too, providing there is some healthy moderation involved. This is often one of the telltale signs he wants to say I love you soon. After all, if everything has been progressing pretty quickly, he probably won’t be inclined to hold back when it comes to saying I love you either.

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Is He Flirting Or Just Being Nice? – Luvze

Is He Flirting Or Just Being Nice

Men can be confusing, to say the least. The problem is, you think you’re getting signals, but you can’t really tell if he’s just being nice or if he’s actually interested and flirting with you. Worse yet, if he’s one of your close friends, you definitely don’t want to misinterpret his actions and make things awkward between you. Flirting can look pretty different depending on the guy and your relationship to him. The next time you aren’t sure if someone is flirting with you, keep some of this helpful information in mind.

First of all, let’s talk about your relationship to him; did you meet him at a bar or at work, is he your acquaintance or lifelong friend? And, most importantly, is he flirting with you? Let’s find out:

Setting Matters

Flirting looks different in different places—let’s look at a couple.

Out In The Club

At a club or bar, some guys might try to garner any kind of attention from women. In this setting, flirting behavior is more obvious and goal-oriented.

Some guys might act loud (clearing throat, talking loudly, bragging, etc.) to get women to look over and gauge their reaction from there. If he gets a response or signal from you and comes over to start a conversation or orders you a drink and gets your name and number—he’s most likely flirting with you.

A loud, bustling bar scene also gives guys the opportunity to lean in close. It’s pretty evident when a guy is flirting with you if he’s inches from your face. So, the question at that point might be whether or not you feel a spark.

Guys don’t usually go to a bar to find female friends so if you think someone is flirting with you in a bar, the answer is almost certainly yes.

At Work

Many companies have policies that don’t allow dating between employees to protect them from being sued for workplace harassment. As a result, a guy from work who might be interested will have to keep his flirting subtle.

Here are some telltale signs of flirting at work:

  • He finds every opportunity to speak with you and sometimes makes up reasons to come over for a conversation
  • He happens to be in the lunchroom at the same time as you every day
  • He asks you out to lunch or brings you coffee
  • He hand delivers messages to you
  • He listens to you intently.

If you can check off a lot of these behaviors, chances are he’s being flirty.

Now, let’s examine how close you are to this guy.


Under normal circumstances, you don’t have much contact with acquaintances or casual friends (unless you’re hanging out in a group), so their flirting behavior might not be so obvious to you. But don’t fret! Here are some ways to detect if one of your male acquaintances might be interested:

Text Initiator

Sometimes, men aren’t creatures of communication. I’m sure you have a “Man of few words,” in your life. However, if he is flirting with you, he’ll make the effort to initiate texting with you when you’re not around.

According to a survey, once a guy is interested, his texting habits change. He’ll stay in constant communication with you and won’t be afraid to text you when he comes across something that reminds him of you — for example, seeing shows you might be interested in, memes you might find funny, pictures of baby animals you might find cute, etc.

From there, he might keep the conversation going by asking questions, even down to the minute details like what you ate during your lunch break. He may also follow up with messages you don’t immediately respond to.

On the other hand, if your acquaintance is just being friendly, he won’t be initiating conversations constantly or going out of his way to answer all of your messages if he sees your text while he’s in the middle of something.


Guys who are interested will do everything they can to make you a priority.

Whether he goes out of his way to drop by at the cafe you’re working at or if he’s eager to come to you no-questions-asked when you need help. He won’t have a problem planning his schedule around you, even if he has to shift or cancel plans or appointments.

When you’re with a group of people, he may look at you from across the room while he’s conversing with others, and flash you an infectious smile. In this case, he’s likely interested and trying to be flirty.

A guy that’s just being friendly will still likely catch up with you, but he will spend a similar amount of time catching up with others, as he has no reason to monopolize your time.

Common Interests

In order to keep a conversation going, a guy flirting with you will try to center the conversation around your interests and hobbies. The goal is to find commonalities between the two of you so that he can become someone you would consider dating.

He might also try to find out any dislikes that you have so that he doesn’t bring up those topics at the risk of boring or offending you.

If a guy is just friendly in general, he won’t likely steer the conversation towards your interests in particular. If someone is just being friendly, they’re more likely to talk about anything and everything. He also might not be overly interested in any mutual interests you may share.

Word Play

Verbal flirting signals are more obvious but can still be missed if you aren’t expecting someone to be flirty.

A big part of flirting is the compliments he gives you, even about the smallest things, like your earrings. He may also use his sense of humor in an effort to make you smile and laugh, or even jokingly give you a hard time.

The boundary between friendly and flirty is definitely being broached if he uses pick-up lines to break the ice.

Someone just being nice to you will have a regular conversation with you and let it flow naturally without trying to sustain the conversation as long as possible, and pick-up lines definitely won’t come into play.

In-Depth Questions

Someone with an interest in you will ask more in-depth questions during a conversation, with the goal to get to know you on a deeper level and getting closer to you. Personal questions like whether you’re seeing someone, or what you look for in a partner may also pop up.

Whereas, if he was just being friendly, conversation topics will be more casual with general questions like asking how you are.

Extra Nice

Does he seem extra nice and accommodating to your requests? If so, he’s probably trying to flirt with you.

Is he also:

  • One of the first to cheer you up and will always be up to hang out with you?
  • Offering to personally send you home when it’s late and be willing to be your dedicated driver for when you need to run errands?
  • Always going out of his way to help and support you?

If yes, chances are he’s interested in you.

Someone being nice could still offer to help you out, but wouldn’t purposely drop everything to come to your rescue for non-urgent tasks if he already has previous plans.

Body Language

Actions can speak louder than words when it comes to communicating, especially when someone is interested. Paying attention to body language and non-verbal cues is the quickest indicator of flirting, and someone who’s drawn to you may not even notice they’re subconsciously doing so.

  • Physical Contact: What seems like a subtle touch from the guy can be an indication that he’s flirting with you. He might help you brush off some imaginary fluff, or rest his hand on your arm when you’re engaged in conversation. He might put his hand on your back when crossing the room, and his hugs might linger for longer than usual. Whether the contact is intentional or not, he’s being flirty with you.

    On the other hand, if someone is more reserved, (ie, not the touchy-feely type) you can also tell if they are being flirty by how they mimic you and reciprocate your playful actions.

    A guy who’s just friendly will have little to no intention of physical contact
  • Eye Contact: This may be harder to distinguish friendly from flirty. However, if you pay close attention, you’ll be able to see distinct eye contact flirting techniques. He may be flirting through a longer gaze with a tilted head, or if he’s across the room he’ll flash a flirty smile when you make eye contact. He might be subtle, but his longing glances will definitely be detectable. Finally, if he gives you an eyebrow wiggle from across the room — think Jim from The Office— this could also be a sign that he’s flirting with you.
  • Distance: When someone is interested, they’ll naturally gravitate towards you. They’ll likely always end up by your side in group settings. If he’s already next to you, he may even try to make the gap between you even smaller by sitting with his shoulders touching yours, leaning in when in conversation with you, walking right beside you, etc.).

    Someone that’s just being friendly won’t end up beside you during social gatherings, dinners, etc. If he’s not romantically interested, he’s more likely to keep his distance.
  • Drawn Toward You: When standing in a group, people subconsciously point their feet towards what they’re most interested in. If you catch his feet constantly pointing your way, you can almost be sure that he’s harboring some kind of attraction for you. But don’t read too much into this one, if you’re talking to someone, their feet are most likely pointing in your direction.
  • Smiling: When it comes to knowing whether or not he’s flirting, it’s not if he smiles at you, but how he smiles at you. He may shyly smile back at you when you catch a glimpse of him looking at you and look away quickly. If someone is being genuinely affectionate, he’ll have an open smile with a visible sparkle in his eyes.

Close Friends

If you’re already close with someone (like inside-jokes close), it may be hard to detect if they’re flirting with you because you already have an established relationship with them. But if you have a feeling one of your close friends may want a relationship upgrade, here are some of the telltale signs to look out for.


If you suddenly notice your close friend is stealing glances in your direction when you’re not looking, or if you often find him idly staring at you even when you haven’t said anything particularly exciting or changed anything about yourself— that could be a clear indication that he’s interested in you. If your friend tends to be shy, he might also look advert his eyes instantaneously when he realizes you’ve caught him staring. Double points for blushing.

A close friend that is in no way romantically interested probably won’t suddenly start staring at you in a different way—unless you have something between your teeth.


If one of your close friends suddenly becomes more attentive to your messages, it may be a sign that his feelings have changed. Sometimes he might even casually make flirtatious comments to test the waters and see how you respond.

A regular friend, or a guy that’s just being nice, will probably only text you to organize gatherings or catch up. He probably won’t respond as eagerly — and might even forget to text you back until a few hours later.


When a guy is interested in you, he will make it clear that he wants to spend as much time with you as possible. If he initiates hangouts frequently, that means that he’s trying to spend more time with you one-on-one, which he probably wouldn’t do if he wanted to stay “just friends.”

You may also notice more non-verbal cues from him, such as leaning closer than usual, casually reaching out to touch you, or lingering in a hug longer than usual.

A regular friend may initiate hanging out because you haven’t met up in a long time, but would not purposely free up more time in their busy schedules to hang out more.

Annoyed By Other Guys

An obvious sign that your friend has developed feelings for you is the change in his attitude when you talk about other guys you’re attracted to. He might get uncomfortable, act annoyed or jealous if you ask for advice when he wouldn’t be fazed at all in the past.

Regular friends that aren’t interested in you would be able to offer advice without getting worked up, and would be happy to give you tips on how to win a guy’s heart.


If your friend suddenly starts giving you compliments, more often than not, it could be a sign that he’s hinting that he’s interested in you. Compliments can range from commenting on your outfit to your artistic skills to your smile.

He also notices little changes about you, like getting a new haircut, a new manicure, or even changing your perfume, and will comment on it. This is a sign that he’s interested, especially if he never picked up on these things before.

A regular friend that’s trying to be nice will probably still give you compliments (you deserve them, of course), but they may not be as pointed, or as frequent.

Jokes About Dating

Envisioning the future in a relationship with you is a big telltale sign that he’s interested. He’ll jokingly ask if you can imagine dating him to see how you react to the idea. At the worst, if you think it’s weird, he can agree and say he was joking. On the flip side, he’s probably also holding out hope that you’ll be on the same page as well and answer accordingly.

If these signs fit with what your guy friend is exhibiting, there’s a high chance that he has developed feelings for you.

Personality And Flirting Style

So, we’ve established how to tell whether or not someone is flirting with you based on your relationship to them—now on to the specifics: his personality. Everyone is different, so there’s no flirting formula to lean on when it comes to determining whether or not he’s flirting or just being nice. But that didn’t stop us from trying. Read on to find out what different personalities and different flirting styles mean for you:

The Funny (Confident) Guy

There’s always that one guy who lights up a room when he walks in, and thrives in the spotlight at parties. He’s usually the life of the party and isn’t afraid of being a clown to make people laugh.

He may first start flirting through his humor to see who’s paying attention and then approach to survey your personality. He’ll then use physical contact to gauge if you’re interested. Be sure to let your thoughts be known if he oversteps his boundaries.

The Shy Guy

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the guy in the group who’s quiet and soft-spoken. He’ll probably have a more passive approach to flirting. So watch out, this type of flirting might be harder to detect. While he shows that he’s attentive and supportive through active listening or acts of service, he may be anxious around a woman he’s interested in, and find it hard to keep eye contact or smile.

Oftentimes, the shy guy prefers establishing a friendship and building a platonic relationship before revealing his feelings. In some cases, he may be content enough with the friendship and end up hiding his feelings instead because he doesn’t want to risk ruining your friendship.

5 Flirting Styles

A study conducted by Jeffrey Hall and Chong Xing, revealed that verbal and non-verbal behaviors correlated to five flirting styles. Here’s how you can identify them:

  • Traditional: Men who are traditional flirts are more likely to nod and say yes at the beginning of the conversation. They tend to lean towards the woman of interest during the entire conversation and will speak in a high pitch at the beginning. They also tend to tease more often, leading the conversation to become more like banter.
  • Physical: Physical flirts are less likely to give compliments during a conversation, but also don’t gaze flirtatiously as often. They are usually flirt nonverbally (eye contact, smiling, etc.) and are more comfortable in places such as bars and clubs where the setting is more consistent with their flirting style.
  • Sincere: Men who are sincere flirts are less likely to tease the woman of interest and would fidget less during the conversation. They would also have a more open body posture by crossing their arms and legs less often and tend to lean toward her as they get more comfortable. They also speak in a higher pitch when conversing with a woman they’re interested in.
  • Polite: Polite flirts are also less likely to tease and fidget less when interacting with the woman of interest. They have fewer questions at the beginning of the conversation and tend to speak with a lower pitch. They would also nod and say yes more often but won’t lean much towards the woman of interest during the conversation.
  • Playful: Men who are playful flirts tend to protrude their chest and have better posture during a conversation, give more compliments, and are being obviously flirtatious. However, they are also more likely to be flirting without any romantic interest.

Beware Of Predators

As seen in playful flirts, there is still the off-chance that a guy isn’t interested in a relationship even if he ticks all the boxes of flirting. They could just be flirting to gain attention or to boost their ego. Worse yet, they may have an ulterior motive.

If a man starts off with flirting and quickly proceeds to get uncomfortably physical with you, try to steer clear of him as soon as possible to keep yourself safe.

Friend or Flirt?

When it comes down to it, who’s to say? While we’ve outlined a lot of factors that come into play when trying to determine whether or not a guy is flirting or just being nice, like signs, personalities and flirting styles of men, really pin-pointing their motives can still be hard and confusing. Some friends are really touchy-feely, and some flirts are reserved and soft-spoken. Every guy is different, so they’ll have different flirting styles and ways of showing that they’re interested in something more.

When you’re really stuck, be sure to use all of the information we covered: your close friend might want to change your relationship status, or a stranger at the bus stop may be interested in sitting down for a coffee. You never know! But, remember, when it comes to the daunting world of reading emotional cues, make sure to keep an open mind and always trust your gut.

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10 Types of Relationships – Luvze

Types of Relationships

Relationships come in so many different forms. What kind of relationship do you have? The type of relationship that you have can depend on your personality as well as the dynamic that you have with your significant other.

It is always important to discuss what kind of relationship you want with your significant other. Communication and honesty are essential.

There is such a wide variety of relationships that you and your significant other can choose from. Think about what you both want and need from each other.

Do you need your girlfriend or boyfriend to be with you and only you? Or do you want to date other people as well?

Would you like a relationship where you spend almost all of your free time together or do you want a relationship where you get to keep your independence?

Remember that you and your significant other are the ones who get to define your relationship. You have to work together to find the relationship that suits both of you.

If you are unhappy with your relationship or find yourself thinking that you might want something different than what you have now, then you have the ability to have the kind of relationship that you want for yourself.

Read about out the relationships below to see which one fits yours or to find out what kind of relationship is the most ideal for you.

Types of Relationships

1. Monogamous

A monogamous relationship is what we tend to view as the traditional relationship. It is a relationship in which two people have decided to be exclusive and are only with each other.

When you decide to be in a monogamous relationship, you are committing yourself to that one special person in your life. This man or woman will be your one and only love.

While a monogamous relationship sounds like an ideal situation, it is not without its challenges. You have to be patient and find ways to keep the spark going.

Monogamy is not for everyone and some people do not do well in this kind of relationship. If you feel like you cannot have just one partner, then monogamy might not work for you.

Sometimes people get bored in their relationships or they wonder what they might be missing out on. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it is important that you do not let your eyes start to wander.

Cheating can threaten a monogamous relationship. In many cases, infidelity can even end the relationship that you have with your significant other.

You definitely do not want to break the trust in your monogamous relationship. Remember that it important to have open and honest communication with your partner.

There are times when people will try to test the boundaries of their monogamous relationship. Someone might do this by flirting with other people. Even if nothing really happens, flirting with someone outside of your monogamous relationship is still wrong.

In a monogamous relationship, there can be something comforting about the thought that you have someone who is completely devoted to you. Romantically speaking, your partner’s attention will be completely on you.

2. Open Relationship

An open relationship means that the relationship is not limited to just the two people. The people who are in an open relationship are open to dating other people as well.

This is the opposite of a monogamous relationship. Like in any relationship, there should be trust and communication in a healthy open relationship.

An open relationship should not necessarily be seen as a free for all. It does not mean that you can just do whatever you want.

Even though it is an open relationship, you cannot neglect your partner. You should still set rules and boundaries and there are many different elements to think about.

You might decide that you are okay with your partner being emotionally involved with other people. Or you might feel like you are okay with your partner being intimate with others as long as they do not develop feelings.

Are you okay with seeing people that you know or should the other people involved be strangers? That is for you and your partner to decide.

Some people who are in an open relationship might talk about the other people that they are seeing. Others may feel uncomfortable doing so and will prefer to know as little as possible.

In an open relationship, you will also want to establish how much time you can spend on the other people you see. You might be okay with going on dates or you might prefer that these encounters are just hookups.

You will also want to establish what is and is not okay in the bedroom. There might be certain acts that you just do not feel okay about. If that is the case, then you should say so to your partner and ideally, they will respect your wishes.

Some people do not want their partner to kiss the other people that they are seeing as they feel like kissing is too romantic and intimate.

If you are in an open relationship, then you should always remember to be safe. Remember to check in with your significant other on a regular basis and to make sure that you are respecting each other’s wishes as well.

3. Polyamorous

In a polyamorous relationship, the number of people is more than two. Other people are welcomed into the relationship and it is not considered cheating because everyone is in a relationship together.

This is a little different than an open relationship because all of the people are involved with each other, while open relationships are kept more separate. In an open relationship, there is one main partner, while in a polyamorous relationship, there are several partners.

In a polyamorous arrangement, everyone’s lives are more intertwined and sometimes everyone will even live together under the same roof. You will have to make sure that you all get along.

This type of arrangement can make the relationship a little more complicated at times since there are more emotions, needs, and dynamics to take into consideration.

Remember to sit down with your partner to discuss your guidelines and rules. In any relationship, you have to be on the same page.

This can especially apply to a polyamorous arrangement. Usually, the two main people in a polyamorous relationship are called the dyad. Then there are the additional people you bring into the relationship. Sometimes, this addition will not work out.

If you want to be in a polyamorous relationship, then it is important that you choose another person that you both would enjoy. On the other hand, not everyone will be romantically involved in a polyamorous relationship.

Other times, this person will seamlessly become a part of your relationship. Try to spend equal time with your partners. It is important that everyone can get along well.

It is only natural to want to feel included, so make sure that you do not make anyone in this arrangement feel neglected or left out.

Jealousy is something that can happen all too easy in any relationship, let alone a polyamorous one. Make sure that you stay on top of how everyone is feeling.

A polyamorous relationship can get complicated because of all the different people and feelings involved. If you are in a polyamorous relationship then you should always be honest and talk about your feelings. Respect each other’s boundaries to make sure that nobody gets hurt in the process.

4. Long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship can really test the strongest of relationships. This is when two people are in a relationship but they live far away from each other.

Sometimes when two people live far apart, they decide to no longer be in a relationship. It can be hard work to be in a relationship where you cannot see your significant other on a regular basis.

Some people decide that they still want to be together regardless of distance, and that is what a long-distance relationship is. In a long-distance relationship, there will often be many phone calls and visits.

Instead of hopping in your car to visit your significant other, you might have to hop on a plane. It can be frustrating but for the right people, a long-distance relationship is worth it.

Ideally, long-distance relationships are just temporary and there is a plan one day for the two people in the relationship to live together. This can be hard to plan as one person will have to decide to leave their job, family, or friends to live with their significant other.

To make a long-distance relationship work, communication is key. Even though it is important in any relationship, it really is essential here because you are not seeing each other on a regular basis.

Because you do not see each other all the time, you have to find ways to keep the relationship interesting. You can even be romantic and send each other things in the mail. Try writing each other letters the old-fashioned way.

Some people will think that you are crazy about being in a long-distance relationship. But if you really love each other, then it will be worth it.

5. Dominant and submissive relationship

If someone is in a dominant and submissive relationship, then that means that they are either dominant or submissive in the bedroom. Some people even switch between the two roles of dominant and submissive.

50 Shades of Gray is an easy example of a story that has a dominant and submissive relationship. In a typical dominant and submissive relationship there is bondage and a variety of toys used in the bedroom.

Even though the idea of dominant and submissive applies heavily to the bedroom, a dominant and submissive aspect to a relationship can apply to all aspects of this couple’s life. The dominant person will take the reigns and be the leader while the submissive one will want to please them.

While this kind of relationship is considered wild by many, it still has its own set of boundaries. There are rules that should be followed and you should respect each other’s wishes in the process.

In this kind of relationship, you still have to make sure that you are being respectful and safe with each other.

6. Co-dependent relationship

A co-dependent relationship is one where the two people in it are always attached at the hip. They are rarely seen without each other and it feels like they do everything together.

It might even seem as if these people cannot function when they are apart. This is when a co-dependent relationship becomes unhealthy.

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to be apart from your significant other sometimes. You should not have to rely on them for everything.

Sometimes your significant other will need a night out with friends or they will be apart from you because of school or work. That is why it is important to not become overly dependent on them.

7. Casual relationship

A casual relationship is usually one where the relationship is relatively new. You and this other person have been seeing each other, but you have not necessarily defined the relationship.

You might not even be calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet. You may even be seeing other people or maybe you are not.

People who are in a casual relationship typically do not meet the other person’s family members. Sometimes they will not even meet the friends either.

Because people in casual relationships are not serious, they typically do not introduce each other to the important people in their lives. This makes sense because there is no commitment on either end.

In a casual relationship, people like to keep their options open in case another possible person interests them. If you know that you cannot handle this type of dynamic, then do not enter into a casual relationship.

You should feel comfortable asking for what you want and need in a relationship, whether that means settling down and being serious.

8. Friends with benefits

A friends with benefits situation is not exactly a relationship. It is a relationship in which two people agree to be intimate but with no strings attached.

In this situation, there should be no romantic feelings involved. You are not boyfriend and girlfriend and you are not exclusive. This is purely a casual, physical relationship.

It can be tricky to enter into a friends with benefits situation as you will be attempting the physical part of a relationship without there being any emotional attachment at all.

This person will not be your partner, your girlfriend, or your boyfriend. This will just be a person that you are attracted enough to hook up with.

If there is no commitment, then why agree to this type of relationship? For some people it feels more beneficial to have an arrangement where there are no expectations.

People who want to have friends with benefits enjoy the freedom to experiment in the bedroom. It is a way for them to have fun without having to worry about the complexities of a committed romantic relationship.

In a friends with benefits arrangement, you have to worry a lot less about hurting the other person’s feelings. You do not have to be obligated to do things you do not want to do and you are not tied down to one another.

Despite your best efforts, one of you might develop feelings anyway. It is important to be honest and communicative in this arrangement.

There are some questions that you might have to ask yourself about your friend with benefits. How would you feel if this person met someone else?

How would you feel if your friend entered into a monogamous relationship? Would you be okay or would you actually feel pretty bad?

Do you think your friendship will be able to survive this sort of intimacy? Will you actually be able to stay friends with this person?

Just because you and your friend are being intimate, it does not mean that it will develop into an actual relationship. Some friends with benefits situations can even last for years.

Sometimes friends with benefits take a break from each other and then they will resume their relationship again much later down the road.

Sometimes they step away from each other if they find a girlfriend or boyfriend. And then sometimes they reconnect again later on if that relationship does not work out.

9. Engagement

An engagement is an arrangement that happens when two people who are in a relationship decide to marry each other.

In order for two people to become engaged, a proposal has to happen. Traditionally, the guy will talk to the girl’s parents about his intentions to marry her. If the guy is really traditional then he will ask the girl’s parents for their blessing.

Different cultures have different customs when it comes to engagement. Usually, there is an engagement ring involved.

Traditionally, a proposal is a well-thought-out event. Usually, it is the guy who does the proposing but sometimes it is the woman who does it instead.

There are many ways to propose to someone. You can do it at a restaurant or where you had your first date.

Proposals are usually planned in secret and the other person either does not know that they are about to get proposed to or they do not know how and when it will happen.

Even though proposals are a surprise, you should talk about marriage together just to make sure that you are on the same page. If one of you does not want to get married or does not feel ready for it yet, then you should not try to get engaged.

When two people become engaged, then they will begin to plan their wedding. Some people have short engagements of a few months while others will be engaged for a few years.

10. Toxic relationship

A toxic relationship is not the kind of relationship that you want to be in. This is a relationship that is unhealthy.

What you have going on might be toxic because of one person in the relationship or both people involved might be at fault. If someone in the relationship is being harmed, intentionally or unintentionally, then it might be a toxic relationship.

In a toxic relationship, you will see more than just the occasional ups and downs. Instead, it is more like an emotional rollercoaster that is draining and damaging to a person’s wellbeing.

If something bad is happening in the relationship pretty much every day, then that is a serious red flag that your relationship is not a healthy one.

Here are some other signs that you might be in a toxic relationship. You might feel like your significant other has a bad day and then takes it all out on you.

This person might be relying on you to solve all of their problems and to fix everything for them. While it is important to be there for a loved one, they should not try to put the entire burden on you.

Some toxic relationships are even abusive. Abuse can be physical but it can be mental and emotional as well.

You might feel like this person is always trying to control you and that you have to walk on eggshells around him or her. Those are just a few signs of a possible toxic relationship.

While some toxic relationships can be saved, both people have to be willing to change things for the better.


As you can see, there are many different kinds of relationships out there. Now that you know what kind of relationship you want, talk to the person that you are with about your goals for your relationship.

Do not be afraid to tell them what you want and need from them. That way you can both be on the same page.

Remember to communicate with each other and be honest. That is how you can have a strong, healthy relationship, whether it is one that is monogamous, polygamous and anything else under the sun.

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