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Month: September 2019

How to Seduce an Older Man – Luvze

How to Seduce an Older Man

There is the old saying that “age is just a number.” But when you find that you are into older men, how do you navigate the situation?

Are you an old soul? Do you sometimes feel like you are bored around your peers or that you do not have much in common with them?

You might be the type of person who is just drawn to an older man. Maybe it is that you find guys your age to be a little childish or inexperienced and you prefer an older guy who is more confident with himself and more mature than people your own age.

Older guys have a lot to offer. They can offer up a lot of life experience and wisdom that many younger men will not have. Because he has some more years under his belt, an older man might be less judgmental and he might be more patient than a guy who is younger.

Maybe you like older guys because they might have more stability in their lives whether that means having a decent career or they own their own home and do not live with their parents or in an apartment with a roommate.

Older men can also be known to be very patient. They are not young anymore and not always in a rush. That can be quite refreshing to others.

Another thing that older men are known for is being gentlemen. Whether he opens the door for you or pulls out a seat for you, he can be very chivalrous and old-fashioned in a good way.

After many years of practice, older men can also have a lot to offer, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Over time, they have collected a good amount of experience and wisdom that they might be able to share with you.

You might even like older men for their interests. Maybe you feel more drawn to men who are older and are more into staying home for the night instead of going out drinking and dancing all night long.

Or perhaps you are physically attracted to older men. Maybe you like silver foxes and find them to be a lot more appealing then the young men that you have dated in the past.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to find someone older, you might want to adjust your approach when it comes to seducing an older man, especially if you have not been having any luck in finding one to date.

In some ways, older men can be very different from men who are younger than them. You will not always find them in the same places that you can pick up a younger guy, and they are not always into the same things that younger guys are into.

You might also find that even though you are attracted to an older man, you might not have a lot of things in common. You might have different interests, but do not let that dissuade you from trying to pursue him.

Before you go and try to seduce an older man, you will have to go find one first. Unless you already have a specific man in mind, you might want to try to go to certain places where you are more likely to spot an older man.

Here are some places where you can potentially find an older man to connect with. There is also the option of looking online on dating websites.

If you want to go out and look for an older man, try a wine shop or a wine festival. If you spot an older man there and he is alone, you can ask him if he has been there before and what his favorite wine there is. It is not a bad way to get his attention and start a conversation.

You can also try to find older men in bars that are not too loud. Avoid the bars where all the young people go to. It is much easier to have a conversation in a bar that is not drowning in noise anyway and you will have more of a chance to try to talk to him.

When it comes to seducing an older guy, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. Try to use some of the tips below to help you land an older guy.

How to Seduce an Older Man

1. Smile

It might sound silly and a little simple, but men like it when a pretty woman smiles at them. An even older man will feel special than a younger woman is paying attention to him and flashing a smile his way.

A smile is warm and inviting and he will feel like you are approachable and that you are interested in talking to him.

2. Be confident

Guys find confidence in a woman to be attractive. This is especially true for men who are older. It is good to know your worth. You might have some insecurities here and there but you are still a strong, beautiful woman with a lot to offer.

When it comes to an older man, he has already been around the block for a while. He does not have time for you to figure out who you are. Ideally, you already know who you are and are confident in your own skin.

Do you sometimes worry about the way you look, especially when you are trying to be intimate? The more you love your body, the more he will appreciate you and your strong sense of confidence.

Do not be afraid to be comfortable in your own skin. Do not even worry about your wrinkles or the extra pounds that you might be carrying. Be proud of the body that you have. Embrace the unique beauty that you and you alone possess.

Identify your great qualities and do not be afraid to be proud of them. You rock and you deserve to be seen and heard.

If you want to exude confidence, then make sure that you have good posture. Stand and sit up straight and do not forget to make eye contact when you are interacting with him. Do not forget to smile as well.

Even though you should act confident, be careful to not be too boastful or full of yourself. If you become way too confident then he will think that you have a huge ego, which can be unattractive.

3. Be mature

This does not mean that you should hunch your back and act like an old lady. But it does mean that you should not act like a little girl or an immature teenager.

If you want an older man to like you, then act like a woman. While you should not act like a completely different person, you should try to act like a levelheaded adult.

If you are used to getting your way or are impulsive then try to rein it in. Do not be overly emotional or too demanding.

4. Find common interests

Even though a guy is older than you, it does not mean that you have nothing in common. Find out what he likes and see what you have in common with him. If you share your interests with him you might find that he likes some of the things that you are interested in as well.

That being said, there are some things that older men stereotypically are into.

5. Ask for his opinion

Guys like to help out, especially if it is an attractive woman. You can ask him for his help on something. If you are at the store you can ask him which color looks better between choices or if you are at the hardware store you can ask for his advice as well.

You might even be sitting at the bar and you can ask if he goes there often. Then you can ask him to recommend a drink or an appetizer to try. Older men love it when you value their opinion and seek out their guidance.

6. Make him feel young instead of old

An older man wants to feel young again and he might even be young at heart. Do not try to make him feel old by calling him dad or grandpa as a joke. And do not point out his gray hairs.

You can make him feel young by trying to dance with him or even just by flirting a little bit with him. Getting some romantic attention from you will make him feel a little bit younger.

7. Act like his equal

Women can often instinctively try to mother their partners because they tend to have the habit of trying to nurture and care for others. Sometimes this is done to the point of acting like a mother. At his age, he will not like being told what to do or how to do things, especially when he has not asked for your help or advice.

Avoid doing this with the guy that you like. If he is older then you might also risk acting a bit like the child in your relationship. You will want to avoid that as well. As an older man, he does not have time for any immaturity that you might have. If you can be independent and mature, then you will be more appealing to him.

Instead of acting like his mother or his child, act like his equal. He wants a lover, not a mother or a child. He has been around long enough to know how to take care of himself. And he is also old enough to not want to deal with any childish antics.

If you can act mature enough to be his equal, then he will be even more attracted to you.

8. Be able to take care of yourself

A lot of women might want an older man who has a stable career so that he can take care of them financially. While it can be nice for him to provide for you, he should not feel as if he has to give you everything.

There is something seductive and appealing about a woman who can take care of herself. It will be more attractive to an older man if you have your own place to live and you have a job.

On top of him not feeling pressured to provide for you, he will also be able to see that you are mature enough to live independently.

9. Be prepared for some baggage

Depending on how much older this guy is than you, he will probably have some baggage just because he has been around longer than you. The older you get, the more stories you have. Life happens and it can get complicated for better or for worse.

It could be that he is divorced, has kids, or a number of other things that you would not normally encounter if you were trying to date a younger guy.

Maybe he had a long-term marriage that ended in a messy divorce. Maybe his ex-wife got the house and custody of the kids and it really affected him. Try to be a good listener if he does open up about things like this.

He could have kids that are young, or they could be teenagers or even adults. Maybe he even has grandchildren. These are people that will sometimes need his attention.

It is not a bad thing if he has kids. They might be wonderful, but it will complicate things a little bit as far as things go with you. Even so, it does not make things impossible so do not be easily discouraged.

If the older man that you want to seduce does have some baggage, do not react negatively to it. Be mature and understanding about it.

Everyone has their own baggage, even you. Remember to keep an open mind and if you really are into him, think about how you can fit into his life.

Even though you should be very important in his life, you cannot expect him to give up everything for a life with you. Remember that he had a life before you and if kids are in the picture, then you are better off being friendly towards them.

Do not act jealous of his ex or his kids. It is not attractive to act possessive in this situation. If anything, you should be supportive and understanding of the situation. Act cool about everything and he will respect your maturity in the situation.

10. Get some alone time with him

Try to get to know him on a one on one level. Your friends might want to meet him right away, but if they are your age then they might just scare him off and they might act too immature for him.

Your family might want to meet this guy that you are interested in as well. Do not introduce him right away as that might turn him off as well.

Even though it makes sense that you want your loved ones to know him, you should give your relationship some privacy at first.

Give yourselves some room to breathe together before you start bringing in your friends and family into the equation. Otherwise, the pressure might be too much for both of you.

11. Have something to talk about

Older men can be known for their ability to have interesting conversations, whereas younger men are not always known to be great listeners. Whether it is what is going on in politics or things that are happening around the world, try to start a conversation with him and he will gladly pick up the conversation.

There are many things you can try to talk about. Ask him about work or how his family is doing. What tv show has he been watching lately? What is his favorite restaurant?

You can also ask him about his favorite movie, a book that he would recommend, or countless other topics. You can even ask him about his childhood or his first job.

12. Be a little bit old-fashioned

There is something nice about doing some things the old-fashioned way. Maybe it can be a little romantic to be old-fashioned from time to time.

While you do not need to be so focused on the way everything was done in the past, an older man might appreciate a younger woman who is can appreciate some old-fashioned ways of living.

These include things like allowing him to pay for dinner or letting him hold the door open for you. While you do not have to follow everything that people would have done ages ago, you should still allow him to be a gentleman.

13. Dress well

If you want to seduce your older man, then dress for the part. You should dress to impress him and if you make the effort, then you will really stand out to him.

This ties in a little bit to being old-fashioned in that people back in the old days used to dress up more than they do now. Men often wore suits and ties and women often wore dresses and had their hair done.

These days, many of us end up wearing jeans and t-shirts or even sweatpants if we are not at work or at a special event. While you do not need to pull out all the stops when it comes to dressing yourself, it can definitely help if you spend some time on dressing yourself well.

When you want to seduce an older man, then you should dress the part. That does not necessarily mean that you have to dress up in an over-the-top sexy outfit either. But you should dress in a way that makes you feel confident and attractive.

If you have a dress that you like or a new hairdo that you want to try out, just go for it. Having a new look or dressing up a little can help boost your confidence.

When you feel good about yourself and the way you look, then he will be even more attracted to you. Put on that lipstick if it makes you feel good or wear those cute earrings. He will be sure to notice you even more.

This does not mean that you have to wear things that you would not even want to wear. What you should do is wear what makes you feel attractive. Then he will be attracted to you.

14. Ask him how he is doing

We all like to talk about ourselves a little bit. Ask him questions about himself. Ask him how his day is going, how work is, if he has any plans for the weekend, and so on.

He will like having someone who wants to listen to him. Even if nothing special is going on in his life, he will really appreciate that you took the time to ask him about himself.

Your older man might even ask how you are doing. The more things that you tell him about yourself, the more likely he is to think about you on a regular basis. He will wonder what you are up to or he will see things that just remind him of you.

15. Familiarize yourself with his history

If this man is older, than this means that he grew up in a different time than you did. It could be useful to have even a basic knowledge of the things that were going on when he was younger.

Some examples include knowing who the president was when he was growing up, who the famous actors and actresses were, and what the popular TV shows and movies were. If you seem even a little bit knowledgeable about these things, he will be impressed.

At the same time, you do not have to be an expert on these things. Just know enough that you can show that you are a well-rounded individual who is always eager to learn and know more.

Knowing some of these things can give you a chance to talk to him more.

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15 Cute Soul Sister Quotes To Celebrate The Bonding

Soul Sister Quotes

We are sisters in real life, and we are soul sisters. I like to believe that we have known each other far longer than we have in this life. Who knows, we might have been siblings in our past lives too!

soul sister quotes


I don’t know if I have found my soulmate yet, but I do know that I have found my soul sister. I know for a fact that we are meant to be each other’s sisters.

soul sister quotes


There’s plenty that I want to say to you, but most of all, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my soul sister. You’re the best!

soul sister quotes


Even when everyone is standing against you, I will be with you, my dearest soul sister. It wasn’t easy to find you, and now that I have, I swear to protect you.


A soul sister is more than just a normal sister. We are bound more than by just blood. We are bound by soul, from this life to the other and beyond. I love you, my dearest soul sister.


I love how perfectly we synchronize as soul sisters. You are my sister as I am yours, and I know that you will always be here for me as I will be for you.

soul sister quotes


Dearest soul sister, I thank God for letting me meet you as my soul sister in this life. I don’t know if we have been sisters in our past life, but I do hope that we did and will again in our next lives.


You are my soul sister. We are bound to experience sisterhood together in a deeper connection than any other sisters ever will when they are bound only by blood.


Thank you for being my soul sister. You may not be a perfect person, but together, we are the perfect sisters. I will always cherish you as my sibling.


Ever since you came into my life, you changed everything in my life for the better. We may not be from the same family, but I do believe that our bond is much stronger than that any other sisters.

soul sister quotes


You are my confidant, my source of joy and laughter and most of all, strength to face any incoming challenge. Thank you, soul sister.


You are the most important friend I’ll ever have in my life. You’re my best friend, a family member that I chose to have, and my soul sister. Your presence will always brighten up my day, whether you know it or not.


I didn’t even know that it would be possible to find someone that syncs with me so well – more than my blood family, more than my partner. In any case, I’m so glad to have found you, my dearest soul sister.

soul sister quotes


Birthday Message For Brother From Sister

Thank you for coming into my life. I can no longer picture my life without you, a soul sister who I can talk to, rant to and so much more. I appreciate you lots and lots!


I never felt such strength until I came to know of you as my soul sister. When we stand together, I believe that we can fight against the entire world and win.


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7 Problems Faced by Most Accounting Students

Being an accounting student isn’t easy. You have to be really good at Maths, but that’s not all there is to it. If you want to take up a career in accounting, you will really need to love your job. And while the pay packet can seem lucrative, understand that many accounting jobs involve you to sit for hours on your desk, doing the necessary calculations. Of course, if that isn’t a good thought, then accounting is not for you.

A Career in Accounting

But then, those who do take up accounting know that well. The bigger problem is something else.

Given below are the 7 problems faced by accounting students around the globe.

  1. Managing other people’s money while on a budget – Accounting students have to live their life on a strict and low budget while also manage the incomes of big business houses at the same time. It might be a good idea to take a break before starting an accountancy course and collect some funds to relax as they study year after year.
  2. Leading a social and relaxed life – As students pave their way to adulthood, a university is the perfect place to make new friends, socialize and learn more about life with every passing day. However, accounting as a career can be extremely demanding and an accounting student rarely gets the time to relax or socialize with others.
  3. Immensely competitive – There can be tough competition between accounting students especially because this career has a clear employment goal. This competition can sometimes prove unhealthy and some of the brightest accounting students may fail to secure a job even though they expect to do so easily.
  4. Choosing the correct industry – Trained accountants can choose from various business fields and sometimes it becomes a problem to choose the correct and apt industry for a student amongst the various options available. A student should not limit his opportunities for progression and explore them all before making a final choice.
  5. Formal lifestyle – Being a computer-oriented career, accounting can prove to be quite rigid and requires the student to lead a formal and strict lifestyle both during and after graduation. Internships too can be strict and stressing, without allowing much flexibility to an accounting student.
  6. Being unqualified – An accounting student who fails to complete his degree or secures extremely low marks in his exams due to the excessive academic pressure may face serious problems in securing a job and might be left unemployed while his peers achieve success in their careers.
  7. Online technologies – With the advent of online technologies and an internet culture setting in rapidly, many accounting students find it difficult to secure a job after their graduation as several business homes avoid hiring an accountant when a number of functions and jobs can be completed with cloud-based accountancy software’s.

Every student needs accounting help to be able to do better in their studies.

Source by Larry Luther

217 Math Pick Up Lines – Luvze

Math Pick Up Lines

A pick up line is a quick way to get someone’s attention. There are many kinds of pickup lines out there that you can use and math-themed pickup lines are great to use since math is universal.

Maybe you are in math class with someone or maybe you just take pride in being a little bit of a nerd. Either way, you are probably interested in showing off your math knowledge in a flirty way.

Whether you use your pickup line in person or online, you have to be direct and to the point. Your pickup line has to be short enough so that you do not lose the attention of the other person right away.

Math is a classic way to pick up someone. 1 plus 1 equals 2. 2 people become 1. Whichever way you look at it, 2 people getting together is simple math.

Below are many types of math pick up lines that range from geometry lines to algebra and calculus lines. Use the math pick up lines below to get your crush to notice you.

Math Pick Up Lines

1. Hey baby, what is your sine?

2. Girl, you must be the square root of two because I feel irrational around you.

3. Honey, you must be the square root of negative one because you are just unreal.

4. I would like to take you to the limit as x approaches infinity.

5. My lust for you is exponentially growing like y = 2 to the x.

6. I hope you know set theory because I would love to intersect and union you.

7. You must be a 45-degree angle because I think that you are acute-y.

8. Is geometry your favorite subject? It must be, because whatever angle I look at you from, you are beautiful.

9. How about I perform a sort on your variables and you can analyze my performance?

10. I have no BASE for the feelings I have for you. They extend forever just like a LINE. The TRANSLATION of my love for you is infinite and you are a RAY of sunshine in my day.

11. My love for you was EXPONENTIAL from the start. Your beauty is UNPARALLELED.

12. My feelings for you are not RATIONAL, but I think that you could be my better HALF.

13. My feelings for you are too great to MEASURE. This love has no LIMIT.

14. Let us make a PRODUCT so great, we can join hearts and MULTIPLY them through.

15. I like you like the way a coefficient likes its variable.

16. We fit together like coordinates on an axis.

17. I less than three you.

18. If we distribute our love, we can be together forever. Together you and I make a perfect square.

19. Your CENTER is neither OBLIQUE, nor is it OBTUSE. You are just perfect.

20. Ever since you wandered into my HEMISPHERE, our lives have INTERSECTED perfectly.

21. You are the square to my root.

22. You are the solution to all of my equations.

23. You are the hypotenuse of my triangle.

24. You are the base of my trapezoid.

25. You squared plus me squares equals we squared.

26. You are the x to my y.

27. We are a perfect function because you are the one for me.

28. You are like the back of a math book, because you are the answer to all of my problems.

29. Without you I am just a semi-circle; you complete me.

30. If there is one thing that I have learned from CALCULUS, it is that YOU + ME = More than just US.

31. How is it that I know so many digits of pi, but I do not know the 7 digits of your phone number?

32. My love for you is like dividing zero. You cannot define it.

33. 1 + 1 = < 3

34. You must be a 90 degree angle because you are looking right.

35. You must be p > 0.5, because I fail to reject you.

36. I think my statistics is getting better because I know that an interaction of me and you would have a significant effect.

37. You must be a math teacher because you got me harder than calculus.

38. I have a math equation for you: you plus me equals awesome.

39. Girl, you have better legs than an isosceles triangle.

40. Let’s find out we converge by taking each other to the limit.

41. I am sine and you are cosine, so let’s make a tangent.

42. Being myself around you is as easy as pi.

43. Why are circles so hot? Because they are 360 degrees.

44. If you were a triangle, you would be such acute one.

45. If I were a function, you would be my asymptote. I always tend toward you.

46. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

47. You make me harder than the traveling salesman problem.

48. Hey girl, the measure of your imperfections is zero.

49. My legs are separable if you do the splitting.

50. Are you my integral? I was wondering, because I see myself in the area beneath your curves.

51. You and I must be inverse logical functions because I could compliment you all day.

52. I wish that I was your Fourier Transform so I could investigate the frequency of your curves.

53. I would like to see the quotient group of you over me.

54. I am not happy in my current relationship and would like to do a u-substitution.

55. You must be the mathematical constant because I want you at the base of my natural log.

56. If you were a triangle then your base would be perpendicular to your height. I think that it must be a sine that you have the right angle for me.

57. I like fractions, do you want to do some with me? I am like a numerator because I like to be on top.

58. After tonight, will I just be a common denominator?

59. Your angles must be less than 90 degrees, because you sure are acute.

60. I integrated with your curves and then I realized the value of the area of our love.

61. You and I are just fractions in a world of reals, but together we could be whole.

62. My radius grows at the sight of your arc length.

63. Your legs put an isosceles’ legs to shame.

64. I am just an empty set when you are not with me.

65. You had me at 07734. (07734 spells HELLO on a calculator when viewed upside down.)

66. If we are both math majors, then why is there so much chemistry between us?

67. I am not being obtuse, but you are really acute, girl.

68. When it comes to looks, you are way above the mean, median, and mode.

69. My love for you is like pi, it is never ending.

70. Can I explore your mean value?

71. I am like pi, I am really long and I go on forever.

72. I hear that you are really good at algebra. Can you replace my eX without asking Y?

73. Hey there, can I plug my solution into your equation?

74. You must be a square number, because my love for you is exponential.

75. I have to say, you are one well-defined function.

76. I would really like to bisect your angle.

77. Hey baby, can I see what is under your radical?

78. Can you let me find your nth term?

79. You are as sweet as 3.14159….

80. How about we get together and make our slopes zero.

81. If I were a graphics calculator, I could look at your curves all day long.

82. You must be absolute because every time you are around me, I feel positive.

83. One plus two equals me and you.

84. I know my math, and you have one significant figure.

85. If you were an equation my love for you would have no limit.

86. You must be a 90 degree angle, because you are looking right!

87. I am like a math book and you are like a student because you solve all of my problems.

88. Excuse me, can I get your seven significant digits?

89. Honey, you are sweeter than pi.

90. My friends told me that I should ask you out because you cannot differentiate.

91. My love for you is fractal because it goes on forever.

92. Hey girl, what is your sign? It must be pi/2, because you are the 1 for me.

93. I wish that I was your calculus homework. I would be hard and just sitting on your desk, waiting for you to do me.

94. Hey baby, do you like math? No? Me neither. Actually, the only number that I care about is yours.

95. Just by looking at you I can tell that you are 36-25-36; they are all perfect squares.

96. What do calculus and I both have in common? We are both hard for you.

97. I heard that you like math, so tell me the answer to this problem: what is the sum of U + ME?

98. Hey girl, what is your sin? It must be 90 because you are the 1.

99. Hey girl, are you 1/x? Because you are the rate of change of my natural log.

100. Hey baby, will you be my third dimension? Because without you I am not real.

101. Hey girl, can I be the hypotenuse between your legs?

102. If I am a sine and you are a cosine, do you want to get together and make like a tangent?

103. If you were sin x and I was cos x, then together we would make one.

104. Do you want to squeeze my theorem while I poly your nomial?

105. You can call me a parabola, because there is a conic section in my pants.

106. Is your discriminant less than zero? Because I have heard that your roots are unreal!

107. I will be the one to take you to the limit as x approaches infinity.

108. Baby, you have more curves than a triple integral.

109. It is not the length of the vector that matters, it is how you apply the force.

110. I have a formula for you. YOU + ME = AWESOME.

111. Do you want to come back to my room with me so we can do math? Add my bed, subtract our clothes, divide, your legs, and multiply.

112. You are like my calculus homework. I could throw you on the table and do you all night long.

113. I wish I was your secant line so I could touch you in at least two places.

114. My love for you is like a concave function, because it is always increasing.

115. Hey girl, you must be a 90 degree angle because you are looking right.

116. Girl, my love for you is like the decimals of pi, never ending.

117. Girl, you must be a p-value of at least 0.05, because I fail to reject you.

118. You are 1 and I am 0. Together, we are 10 times stronger, and without you, I am nothing.

119. You are my common denominator.

120. I was supposed to solve for x. I am so glad that I found u instead.

121. Your face has perfect relative symmetry.

122. If you and I were two objects of Set Theory, then where would we intersect?

123. Hey girl, are you open for deduction?

124. If my girlfriend became X, could I substitute with U?

125. I have a great idea. What if you were the numerator and I could be the denominator? We could both reduce to our simplest form.

126. If I was a polynomial, how would you expand me?

127. I wish I were your second derivative, so that I could explore all of your concavities.

128. I need some help with my algebra. Do you think that you could replace my X without asking Y?

129. I am binary and I think that you are the 1 for me.

130. You do not have to be an expert at math to realize that we make the perfect pair.

131. We are great together. You have the curves and I have the angles.

132. The square root of all my fantasies is you.

133. If the universe wanted me to assign you a number, you would be my number 1.

134. I will be the one over your cosx, and together we could have secx.

135. Hey girl, let’s make love like pi. It would be irrational and never ending.

136. I heard that you are good at math because your legs are always divided.

137. I memorized the first 300 digits of pi. If you gave me the 7 digits of your phone number, I could memorize them too.

138. I find you more fascinating than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

139. If you were a graphics calculator, then I could look at your curves all day long.

140. If 4 plus 4 equals 8, then you plus me equals fate.

141. Hey girl, what is your sine? I will tell you mine if you tell me yours.

142. Maybe this is a sine that you + me are meant 2 be.

143. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

144. Hey girl, you really have a nice set of parabolas.

145. I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds? If you do not believe me, I can try it with your phone number.

146. Can I instantiate your objects and access their member variables?

147. I have a lot in common with math in that we are both very hard for you.

148. I heard that you are good at math, because your legs are always divided.

149. If I were an integral than I would fill you up.

150. Before I root you, I have to know: are you over 18?

151. Your beauty is never ending, like pi.

152. My affection for you goes on and on, like pi.

153. I should ask you out because you cannot differentiate.

154. The square root of all of my fantasies is you.

155. I seem to be looking at a set of twin primes.

156. I do not know if you are in my range, but I would sure like to take you back to my domain.

157. If you were a graphing calculator, then I could look at your curves all day long.

158. I am not a mathematician but I am pretty good with numbers. If you do not believe me, give me yours and I will show you what I can do with it.

159. Your name is Leslie? I can spell your name on my calculator.

160. How about you and I couple our equations tonight?

161. My feelings for you is like a concave up function because they are always increasing.

162. The derivative of my feelings for you is zero, because these feelings I have for you are constant.

163. I want us to have a love like pi; something that is irrational and never ending.

164. I think that you and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.

165. You are the invariant of the algorithm of my heart.

166. YOU + ME = WE

167. I will love you with all my circles, not heart, because hearts break but a circle goes on forever.

168. I think that you are the solution to my homogenous system of linear equations.

169. If you were a shape you would be a square because you have all the right angles.

170. Your body is like a hyperbola.

171. The volume of a generalized cylinder has been known for many years, but you will not know the volume of mine until tonight.

172. If I were binary, you would be the 1 for me.

173. I think that my binomials just expanded.

174. Even at absolute zero, you would still move me.

175. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

176. If you and I were represented in a graph, my bar lines would break the graph due to you.

177. I could calculate the ratio of your assets any day.

178. You must be an asymptote. I keep finding myself getting closer and closer to you.

179. Hey baby, let me help you find your nth term.

180. Looking at you, I can see that you have more curves than a triple integral.

190. If my girlfriend was X, could I substitute with U?

191. Hey girl, you have a great body. Are you a Mathlete?

192. Hey baby, do you want to make a composite function?

193. If you and I were two objects of Set Theory, then where would we intersect?

194. If you were a triangle, you sure would be acute one.

195. Hey there, are you open for deduction?

196. One does not need to be a mathematician to know that we are the perfect pair.

197. I would like to try and calculate the slope of those curves of yours.

198. 4 plus 4 equals 8, but you plus me equals fate.

199. Me PLUS you, I will take your NUMBER, MULTIPLY the smile, and MINUS the drama.

200. Give me just a FRACTION of your heart and I will SOLVE all of your problems.

201. Put together, YOU and ME make a perfect equation.

202. I am like pi. I am really long and I go on forever.

203. If you give me just a FRACTION of your time, I will show you why we are the perfect PAIR.

204. I can tell just by looking at you that you are 36, 35, 36, which all happen to be perfect squares.

205. Are you good at math? Can you help me solve for x? X = your number.

206. I am not very good at algebra, but I do know that you and I make 69.

207. If I was a polynomial, how would you expand me?

208. Do you want to get together and make a composite function?

209. I am not sure if you are in my range, but I would like to take you back to my domain.

210. I wish you were the Pythagorean Theorem so I could insert my hypotenuse into your legs.

211. I heard that you do not like fractions. Would you let me be your other half?

212. Just the very thought of you and i is deriving me crazy.

213. My goal is to make you harder than my calculus homework.

214. To try to explain my feelings for you would be like dividing by zero.

215. Hey girl, can you satisfy my graph?

216. I will love you until they find an end to pi.

217. My feelings for you have grown exponentially.

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How to Know if Your Crush is Into You

how to know if your crush is into you

Hey there, single people. I know my entries usually talk about marriage, couples, and breakups, but I’m dedicating this entry to you fine folks! It is not uncommon to meet, during stints of “singleness,” a person that gives you butterflies and makes you feel warm and happy inside – a crush. There are some pretty easy ways to tell if your crush likes you: if they flirt with you, if they sit near you, if they make plans with you, etc. But in 2019 many people are keen to the overt signs of romantic desire and may express their interest in using new methods. I’m going to show you five uncommon ways to tell if your crush is into you – and how to differentiate them from a coincidence. If you can catch these behaviors, it may be time to take the leap and ask them out!

1. If they start using your sayings/catch phrases

People will tend to mimic the catch phrases, accents, speech rate, or even tone of someone who they want to like them. Communication accommodation theory1 tells us that we alter our speech to match the tone and vibe of a person who we care about. And hey, if they’re trying so hard to make you to like them, it may mean that they already like you.

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Try this: come up with something new. Some weird little verbal “ism” that you can try out on them. Maybe a terrible dad joke, or a turn of phrase. Say it a few times here and there and then…watch and be amazed as they pick it up. It may take a week or two, but if they like you, they may try and use that phrase to show you that they enjoy your company.

2. If they purposefully distinguish their speech pattern from yours

People will purposefully alter their own speech patterns in an attempt to make themselves seem more unique or desirable2. This line of thought comes from the principle of scarcity, which explains that if someone possesses a rare quality (e.g., red hair, an accent, green eyes) it makes them more desirable. If your crush highlights their rare qualities around you, it might mean they’re trying to make themselves seem unique!

What if it’s just a coincidence?

That question can be answered very quickly. All you have to do is watch them when they’re around other people. Does the same “accent” that they so boldly present around you fade? Do they downplay their unique qualities when they don’t think you’re looking? Do these behaviors pick up again when they think you’re around? These are telltale signs that your crush is into you.

3. They mirror your actions

What is mirroring? It’s a nonverbal tendency that people do both consciously and unconsciously. Like accommodation, we mirror people to put them at ease – specifically by replicating their nonverbal movements3. This is not mimicking, which happens when someone copies your actions. Mirroring is more like a complimentary behavior. You get up from your seat, and they cross their legs. You brush your hair back, and he/she clears his/her throat. It’s a bit of a long-shot, but it happens!

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Okay, I’ll admit that this one is a little harder to distinguish from the others, especially since it’s often done instinctively3. One way that you can respond to this is by doing some mirroring of your own. Pay close attention to your crush when talking with him/her, and purposely react to his/her nonverbal actions. If he/she crosses his/her arms, you scratch your head; if he/she stands, you lean back. I know that sounds odd, but it may go a surprisingly long way.

4. His/her friends think you’re cool

This one is a bit more obvious but try to pay attention to your crush’s friends when you’re around them. Do they “push” you on him/her? Do they ask you if you’re single, or who you’re interested in? Take note, because if your crush’s friends like you, a relationship with this person is much more likely to happen.4

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Who cares? When did having more friends ever hurt anyone? If you must test this theory, try and make plans with your crush’s friends, purposely excluding him/her. If they try and get your crush involved, it’s a good sign. Bottom line: if everyone around your crush seems to like you, he/she may see you as a potential person of interest as well!

5. They try to develop a routine with you

When it comes to initiating or developing relationships, people like predictability. Only once a relationship is established do people strive for something new or unique5. You are unique enough on your own in the beginning of a relationship because there is likely a great deal of information that your crush doesn’t know about you. If they look to have a regular day of the week where they see you, it could be an excuse to get close to you.

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Test it out! Try and see if this person aims to associate the two of you with some “thing.” Maybe it’s watching a new show every Sunday; maybe it’s meeting up to workout, or going to the dog park every Wednesday. The point is you should watch out for acts like these that attempt to establish routine; they might be trying to create a connection!

A word of caution here: Whatever you do…do NOT ask this person if the reason they’re acting this way is because they like you. I don’t need a scholarly source to tell you that’s a bad idea. If you’re going to talk about your relationship with this person, be direct about how YOU feel, don’t put it all on them. The point of this article is to let you know some of the more unorthodox ways that people may intentionally or unintentionally making their feelings known. The next step is for you to make the first move!

1Giles, H., Coupland, N., & Coupland, I. U. S. T. I. N. E. (1991). 1. Accommodation theory: Communication, context, and. Contexts of accommodation: Developments in applied sociolinguistics, 1.

2 Lynn, M. (1991). Scarcity effects on value: A quantitative review of the commodity theory literature. Psychology & Marketing, 8(1), 43-57.

3 Van Swol, L. M. (2003). The effects of nonverbal mirroring on perceived persuasiveness, agreement with an imitator, and reciprocity in a group discussion. Communication Research, 30(4), 461-480.

4 Parks, M. R., & Adelman, M. B. (1983). Communication networks and the development of romantic relationships: An expansion of uncertainty reduction theory. Human Communication Research, 10(1), 55-79.

5 Prentice, C. M., & Kramer, M. W. (2006). Dialectical tensions in the classroom: Managing tensions through communication. Southern Communication Journal, 71(4), 339-361.

Dr. james stein authorDr. James SteinArticles | Website/CV

James’ primary area of research is the study of uncertainty and how it influences close relationships. So, what behaviors make us the most uncertain about our relationships? And, more importantly, how do those uncertainties affect our relationships? James also studies friends with benefits relationships in great detail, and how they differ from/overlap with more traditional close relationships.

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How to Make it Up to Your Boyfriend – Luvze

How to Make it Up to Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, people in relationships will argue or disagree over something. Other times, one person will hurt the other person’s feelings. Sometimes it is something that can be easily discussed and resolved. And other times, it will take more than just saying “I am sorry.”

First, think about why you even need to make it up to your boyfriend. Did you hurt him? Did you disappoint him in some way? Did you cheat on him? Or did you take a joke too far and wound his feelings and pride?

How you will make it up to your boyfriend should depend on the severity of what you have done to upset him. A misunderstanding will require a small gesture, but if you have betrayed his trust in a huge way, then you should make a lot of effort to gain his trust back.

No matter how you have hurt your boyfriend, it is your actions that will convince him whether or not you are sincere in your apology to him. It is in your best interest to be mindful of your actions, especially the ones towards him.

Think about how you would feel if the situation was reversed. How would you feel if your boyfriend hurt you or said something to hurt your feelings? You would probably feel frustrated and maybe even sad or angry to say the least.

The first step to making it up to your boyfriend is that you should be remorseful. If you are not truly sorry, then you will not get anywhere productive with him. Do not make him feel bad for feeling bad. He is entitled to his feelings which are valid.

It might feel uncomfortable that you have caused him to feel upset, but if you are in the wrong, then you have to take responsibility for your actions. Do not just throw your hands up in the air and give up on the relationship if you think it is worth saving.

If you care about your boyfriend and your relationship, then you will want to make things right with him. You can use the advice below to figure out the most effective ways that you can make it up to your boyfriend.

How to Make it Up to Your Boyfriend

1. Give a sincere apology

If you have done something wrong in your relationship, then you will need to tell your boyfriend that you are sorry. This action includes acknowledging what you did wrong.

Own up to your flaws and take responsibility for your actions. It is better to say sorry sooner than later. Why would you drag it out if you know that you are the one in the wrong?

The sooner that you are able to apologize and make up with your boyfriend, the faster the two of you can move on together and be happy. Do not be too proud to say that you are sorry if you did something wrong. Everyone messes up sometimes. It is a part of life.

2. Respect his privacy

If your boyfriend wants to be alone for now, then let him have his space. Emphasize that you will give him his space so that he can calm down and process his feelings.

You might be the type of person who wants to deal with things head on and talk them out right away. But he might need a moment, or even a day, to process what he is dealing with.

When we are upset, confused, or sad, we often want to be alone so that we can figure things out on our own. Sometimes we just need to be isolated in our own thoughts, even if it is just for a little while.

If you do not give him the privacy that he needs, then you are not giving him space in the relationship. And that would not be healthy.

This only applies if he expresses that he needs to be alone. Otherwise, you can try to tackle these issues with him sooner rather than later.

3. Let him know that you will be there when he is ready

When your boyfriend is upset with you, then it is natural for you to feel like you should keep your distance from him until he cools down. While you let him have his space, tell him that you will be there to talk to when he is ready to do so.

If you do not communicate this to your boyfriend, then he might think that you are just throwing your hands in the air and giving up. It will look like you are just walking away from the problem without any intentions of trying to solve the issue.

Communication is key in any relationship. Without it, a healthy relationship will not exist, no matter how much you both might love each other.

This is why it is good to let your boyfriend know that you will be there when he is ready to talk to you. He should know that he is not alone in this relationship.

4. Hold his hand

If your boyfriend is feeling upset, try to show your boyfriend some affection, even if you are the reason he is upset. Even a gesture as small as reaching for his hand can mean the world to him. It will demonstrate to him that you want to make things right.

At the same time, if he is upset with you, there is also the chance that he will not want your affection for now. If he does not want it, that is okay. Give him time to come around.

5. Hug him

There is something magical about a hug. It has the ability to calm us down and warm us up inside. When you know that you have messed up with your boyfriend, give him a hug. Show him that you are truly sorry about what has happened.

No matter how old you are, sometimes all you need is a hug from someone you love to remind you that everything is going to be okay. A hug can remind you that someone cares and that you are loved.

6. Have something delivered to him

Who does not like getting a thoughtful surprise delivered at their doorstep? Whether you deliver a package or a meal, you will warm up his heart even if he is feeling a little cross with you.

If you send your boyfriend a nice surprise, he will really appreciate that you are thinking about him and he will not see it coming.

7. Give him a kiss

You can hold his hand or hug him, but a kiss reinforces the fact that you are your boyfriend’s romantic partner. Sometimes, intimacy and romance can make things a little better when your boyfriend is upset at you.

This does not mean that you should not work on your behavior on the future, but the kiss might be a nice reminder to him of how nice things are with you when they are going great.

8. Try something new together

If you and your boyfriend have hit a bump in the road, sometimes you need to try something new to help you get out of that rut. Even when you have been together for a while, you should still try to date each other.

Doing something new together can help you take your minds off of whatever is causing a rift in the relationship. That is not to say that you should not talk through your problems first.

But when you have talked it out and figured out how to avoid these issues in the future, then you can try to inject some fun into the relationship again.

9. Take a look at your behavior

If you want your boyfriend to be able to move on from being upset with you, then you have to think about how this started in the first place. Look inward and examine your actions and words that may have hurt him.

Why do you think you did those things to upset him? How can you avoid repeating this type of behavior in the future?

10. Improve yourself

If you want to show your boyfriend that things will be better from now on, then you have to want to improve yourself. You cannot just say sorry and expect everything to be okay. You will also have to let your actions speak for you.

Be the best version of yourself that you can be, not only for your boyfriend but for yourself as well. He deserves the best version of you, and you deserve to be the best that you can be.

Ask yourself how you can be better for yourself, as well as for the relationship. Can you be more communicative? More honest? More patient and understanding?

Look at the ways in which you can improve and then put it into practice. When you do this, your boyfriend will see and appreciate the effort that you are making to be a better person.

11. Learn from your mistakes

After a fight or disagreement, you will want your boyfriend to trust you again and this will involve you learning from your mistakes. Identify how you can avoid making those same mistakes again.

You cannot take back what you said or did to upset your boyfriend. All you can do is learn from what happened and make sure that you avoid these situations in the future.

12. Write a heartfelt letter

Remind him of your love for him by writing him a letter where you reaffirm your feelings for him. Be sincere and honest in how you convey your feelings to him.

You do not have to write a whole novel, but make sure that you cover what went wrong and what you could be doing better. Remind him of your feelings for him and how much you love him. Talk about what you see for your future together.

A handwritten letter or note is a lot more heartfelt than a letter that is typed up.

13. Write an apology poem

Try to apologize to your boyfriend in a creative way. You can write a poem for your boyfriend to say that you are sorry. You can choose to rhyme or decide to go with a more unpredictable writing style.

There are many ways for you to write an apology poem for your boyfriend. You can write your poem as a sonnet, an acrostic poem, or even as a haiku.

An acrostic poem is a poem where each line starts with a letter that spells out something. Here is an example of an acrostic poem that spells out the word “sorry.”

Sometimes I do things that make you sad,

Or I do something to make you mad.

Remember that I love you no matter what.

Run into my arms, I apologize for everything that I have done.

You are the only one for me.

14. Leave a secret message

You can also say sorry in a message. Instead of just handing your boyfriend the message, you can leave it in his lunchbox, his pocket, or anywhere else that you know that he is bound to find it. You can also leave your apology in a book he is reading or on the dresser.

15. Leave him a sticky note

You can also leave an apology in the form of a sticky note. You can leave this note for your boyfriend on the bathroom mirror, in his car, on his phone, and many other places. You can even spell out “I’m sorry” as well.

16. Dedicate a song to him

If you like to sing, you can try singing him a song that you know he loves and if you are a skilled songwriter, you can even make up a quick song on your own.

If you are not musically inclined, you can just play him a song or request a song for him to be played on the radio. Make sure that he is tuned in or he will not know that you dedicated a song to him.

Here is a short list of apology songs out there:

-Sorry by Justin Bieber

-Apologize by One Republic

-Baby Come Back by Player

-If I Could Turn Back Time by Cher

-Hurt by Christina Aguilera

-Please Don’t Leave Me by P!nk

-Hello by Adele

-So Sorry by Feist

-Purple Rain by Prince

-All Apologies by Nirvana

-Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John

-Picture by Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow

17. Spell it out for him

Get creative and spell out your apology to him. Use whatever you can to spell out the words “I’m sorry.” You can use food, flowers, household items, and so on.

Spell out your apology to your boyfriend with flowers, with board game pieces, whatever you have around that will work. He will appreciate the spontaneity of it and the effort.

18. Be self-deprecating

Sometimes he just wants to hear you admit what you did wrong. You can do that while being a little funny, as long as what you did was not too bad.

If you ate the last ice cream bar and he is upset you can joke about how bad your sweet tooth is. But if you flirted with another guy, you should not joke about that.

19. Plan a trip

While you should obviously apologize to your boyfriend if you have hurt him, it can also help if you make a big gesture to really cheer him up. Try to take him somewhere new.

If you can pull it off, think about planning a fun, romantic trip for the two of you. This does not necessarily have to be super fancy and it can even be a day trip or a road trip.

You can take him somewhere that you have already been together that you know you both love, or you can choose somewhere new.

20. Cook for him

They say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. After all, who can stay upset when they have good food in front of them?

Try cooking one of your boyfriend’s favorite dishes. When you cook for him, you will show how much you care and that you want to make him feel better.

21. Bake for him

Give your boyfriend a little sugar and spice to make him feel nice. Nothing quite says “I am sorry” like a freshly-baked tray of cookies or a tin of delicious pie.

22. Get him candy

Make it up to your boyfriend by being sweet to him. If he likes sugar, you can apologize in the form of his favorite candy. Just try to not to go too overboard, you don’t want to give him cavities either.

23. Tidy up the space

If you live together, then you can try to make your boyfriend feel better by picking up some of his chores. If he usually takes out the trash or does the dishes, you can do it for him this time to show that you are here for him.

24. Send him photos of adorable animals

How can he stay mad at you if you send him cute pictures of animals? Whether it’s a kitten in a mug or a dog with eyes that stare into your soul, those photos will warm your boyfriend’s heart.

25. Make him a list

Create a list of the top reasons why you love your boyfriend. When you are done with the list, give it to him to read.

After a fight with you, your boyfriend might find himself doubting the relationship and questioning why you are even with him.

Remind your boyfriend of your commitment to him with this list. The reasons that you love him may be obvious to you, but he needs to be reminded of your love for him and what it is about him that makes him so special in your eyes.

So think of why you love him. Is it the sound of his laugh? The way that he makes you smile without even trying? Do you love how generous or thoughtful he is?

What are your favorite things about him? His loyalty? His affection for you? Whatever comes to your mind first, put those things in your list. He will feel special knowing that he makes you feel this way.

26. Buy him flowers

Yes, even guys like flowers sometimes. If you know that he likes flowers, get him a bouquet or if he is more into gardening, you can get him a pot of flowers instead.

If your boyfriend does not particularly like flowers, then you can get him a nice plant, a bouquet of bacon (yes, it’s a thing), or a bouquet of new socks. Do not be afraid to get a little creative with the idea.

27. Give him a card

Cards are not always for a celebration or a special event. Sometimes you can give someone a card just to say that you are sorry.

If you have done something to really upset your boyfriend, then you can try to show how remorseful you are by giving him a card that has your apologies written on it.

You can buy a card or even make one yourself. It does not matter if you are artistic or not, or if you are good with words. What matters is that your heart is in the right place.

28. Get him a gift basket

Everyone loves a nice gift basket. Since he is your boyfriend and someone that you are close to, get him a gift basket that is personalized. Do not just throw in a random bottle of wine and a box of crackers. Make sure you put in things that he likes.

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