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Month: June 2016

Funny Happy Belated Birthday Messages

A funny collection of happy belated birthday wishes and messages for your Facebook friend: Many of my Facebook and Whatsapp friends will receive belated happy birthday wishes in next few days because tonight after midnight or early tomorrow morning my internet will be off. I will be back online within few days. I called my internet provider and told them to turn it off tomorrow. They will come to my house early in the morning to pick up their equipment. Do not worry I will be online this weekend once I get settled. So, if you are celebrating a birthday Saturday, Sunday, or Monday your greeting from me might be belated but I will wish you a happy birthday. I will definitely be sending a greeting on the arrival of your bundle of joy. I am going to miss my love bugs but I will be back. I probably will not be online that much but when I do I will be like comments and sharing memes. I know I am premature with this status update but I might become busy or tired and not want to write anything. At least, this time, I am giving you a warning so you will not wonder if anything is wrong. Nothing is wrong just moving upward and onward to bigger and better things. You may add more belated birthday captions or edit these quotes by including your friend names in appropriate places.
Funny belated birthday messages

Funny Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

1- Screaming happy belated birthday to my favorite cousin, I know I didn’t reach out to you yesterday. I got off work, worked out and went straight to bed. I swear I didn’t forget. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your day, even though you pregnant with Z-Dog.
2- From the very beginning you have been nothing but the sister I never had, you challenge me, tell me to work harder.  You pinch the good marks out of me. Words can never describe the love I have for you. You are my food buddy, my partner in crime. You make being a perfect worth it. You join in my madness, when I’m with you I feel like being weird is the way to be. You are a true friend indeed. Happy belated my lawyer, partner in crime, my forever!
3- I do know that you don’t realize how much you mean to me, for someone like you to accept a weird person like me who can switch moods in 5 seconds, I am blessed and I must say I love you, friend. I’m so proud of this naughty monster, a friend I swear you are blessed in so many ways, beauty, and brains? That’s just a bonus to your fruitful self. You know why I am here, so here we go happy belated birthday but, I love you for real’s monster.
4- Okay I am probably the worst friend ever, who even cannot greet you in French or Spanish, so in simple English, happy belated birthday to this wonderful, beautiful, amazing and sweet short friend of mine.
5- Yesterday my main lady celebrated her birthday although I worked 12 hours and remembered when I got off I had to go buy her gifts and rush to her. She embraced me when I arrived singing happy birthday to me, with a smile. I was right on time for her, I love you, mommy, you are an awesome grandmother sister wife mother friend and will always have my heart.
6- Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite people! I meant to say this all yesterday but with kids and everything going on I missed it. I knew almost instantly when I met you we’d be great friends. You’ve always been such a funny happy person. I use to love listening to you sing. Swore you had the best voice I’d ever heard. I hope you had a great day yesterday.
7- Happy belated 20th birthday to my beautifully cute, kind-hearted, wonderfully amazing, cheerfully giddy, funny, silly, outgoing, caring, sharing, smart, joyful niece.
8- I’m probably in trouble but that’s what I get for trying to be petty and funny uploading this post at 11:50 last night and for some reason, it didn’t upload so I’m late but it’s never too late to say happy belated birthday to my pretty partner in crime. She always has a positive attitude, speaks well of others, never in a bad mood, smiling and a major animal lover. Her kind caring heart makes her want to save every alley cat or red dog she sees. We love you very much, I pray that you’re happy and blessed with good health, may you have a very good year and all great things to come. You have all the opportunities in the world to be all you can be, live strong, laugh loud, and love always.
9- Happy belated birthday to the most awesome aunt in the history of awesome aunt’s! Sorry for the late message. Hope you had an awesome day after all. I hope you were showered with hugs and kisses and lots of gifts. Stay blessed. Stay beautiful. Love you.
10- I forgot to post yesterday but I didn’t forget your birthday, how can I when it’s in my brain and on my back. I think about you like everyday, not a day goes by that I still don’t want to call your phone and say come on over with some doughnuts or something, we still celebrate your day no matter what, I’ll kill to hear your laugh and word of encouragement and long stories again, I would have called you an old and everything and you would laugh your silly laugh.
11- Happy Belated Birthday to my best friend! I am so sorry I missed yesterday your special day; however, every day is a special day for you. Sounds like you are going to celebrate more this weekend. Enjoy a wonderful gift of life love and friendship.
12- You know what’s funny? I felt like I’d already wished you happy birthday. I don’t know what that means could be some stoner stuff. But I really think it’s some Déjà vu that told me to celebrate your life for a moment. But here I am again, with a drawn out belated happy birthday. I’m so grateful you exist. Happy birthday, happy you, happy life!
13- I couldn’t afford to deliver the cake to my little princess. But the hair on my head is just almost the same to the doll I gifted you. How funny till now she should be smiling. Happy belated birthday sweet love!
14- You always wear that teasing smile on your face all the days of your life, though you may encounter testing’s and mess of your life but always remember every test will become your testimony and every mess will become the message of your life. Cherish every blessing that the Lord has given you and he has great plans for your ahead! Once again Happy belated 19th birthday!
15- You are an amazing sister and person. I love you for the woman that you are. You have always been there for me. I remember when I ran into Peggy’s lol; you still never got mad at us even though momma wore the mess out of you, lol. I’ve seen you go through the worst and now I am able to see you at your best. Love you more than you would ever know. You are not only my sister but just like a mother. God has great things in store for you, and I can’t wait to see Gods grace in action in your life. Thanks for being in our life.
16- I want to wish one of my favorite uncles in the world a happy belated birthday! I just missed it by 450 minutes. He has been married to my aunt since before I was born, so there is no difference to me. He has always been there for me, even if it was usually giving me a hard time, milking the mouse, hitting me with his cane if I forgot and walked by him to close, or just shaking his head at me in disbelief. He makes me laugh 99% of the time, and scares the crap out of me the other 1% if someone happens to make him mad! I’ve always felt safe around him and knew he would protect me. I have so many great memories with the young boss! I knew no one would ever mess with you because you were stuff and at the same time, I knew you cared and loved your family! And I’ve always been so proud that we are family! We love you very much.
17- Sending a huge belated happy birthday out to one of the craziest women I know! She has stood by me as more than a friend but as a sister! She is brilliant and beautiful! A true inspiration to anyone who knows her! I love you sister and hope you have an amazing 30th birthday.
18- Happy belated birthday momma I love you and thank you for still being by my side through all the stupidity I put you. You’re an amazing mother I love you.
19- To all mothers out there, you don’t deserve to be appreciated for one day, for all the hard work and effort you put in to make our lives more enjoyable each day, and yet you never ask for or expect anything in return. I believe that a mother should be treated, loved, acknowledged, and respected like a Queen every single day! Mothers are a true reflection of GOD’s unconditional and forgiving love!! Now I would like to personally wish you a very happy belated birthday with lots of love! Hope you all having a great day.
20- Happy belated birthday mate! Hope you’re ready for the night’s escapades going to be a wild one. We have so many hilarious memories and inside jokes that no one could ever take the place that you have in my heart. You always know if something is wrong even when I don’t tell you and I know that you would drop everything if I was in danger or if I needed you as you have before in the past.
21- I love you with all of my heart and you may not look like a little scrapper butt let this be everyone’s warning I know firsthand that even though you look cute and cuddly you will break as many bones as you need to in order to protect the people you love. Happy belated birthday my naughty fellow!
22- Happy belated birthday to my Dad, He’s amazing. He remembers that the old John Deere tractor was bought in 1999. Meanwhile, I need to write on the waistband of my underwear to help me remember my name. Hope you had a great day Dad.
23- Happy belated birthday to one of a hilarious nose gang, very unique, weird, cuties in my Facebook friends list!

Sweet Belated Birthday Quotes for Facebook Friends

24- This kid is funny and sometimes hilarious! He knows that motorcycles are great and Harley’s are epic. He is kind, and if he loves you he always has your back, and he has the backbone to call you out on your crap. He knows humble pie doesn’t taste good but knows the value of eating some once in a while. Yup, my son is one kid I am so proud to call son and friend! Happy belated birthday son!
25- It was always funny to me how one can spend years and thousands doing kind things for someone but should you fail to send them a card on their birthday the people that they have known for a fraction of the time they’ve known you replace you immediately. Sorry, I also miss that.
26- You are a gift to me. So sorry this is a day late but the love and good wishes have always been there. You inspire me, amaze me, and teach me a confidence I need to replicate. I can only pray and hope that this friendship continues well after our babies have grown and start love fighting with each other.
27- Happy birthday to the sweetest boy I know. You are my world and I would be lost without you. You inspire me, make me happy, make me angry, give me strength, and love me and that’s all I need. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and I will continue to do the same for you. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you! Love you always.
28- Happy belated birthday to my lovey-dovey, my luck, my superman, my everything, thanks for all the things that you are doing, sharing for me since day one, through this years, we still remain stronger and I’m sure it will remain forever till death do us part, my wish for you is good health always, stay sweet as you are, don’t go changing, and I love you very much.
29- I cannot believe that I missed sending you a birthday greeting on the day of your birthday. Geez, did I do that? I really can’t believe I did this!! Where has my head been late? I am so sorry girl, please forgive me! But I suppose it’s better to be late than never at all, right?  Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I hope you had a great birthday and celebrated your special day with a fun filled wonderful way. I am sure you did.
30- I send you my best wishes for many more wonderful birthdays to come all filled with all things great and wholesome and that you are always surrounded by lots of loving family and friends. On another note, I also want to acknowledge, you really are a wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving, smart, strong and gifted woman, and you’re simply amazing. I admire you so much and celebrate the person you are. And I love you and miss you and your beautiful smile too! Have a great weekend and keep up the great work you’re doing. Happy Birthday my dear friend!
31- You have helped me so much and you are one of the most real people I have ever known. You put others before yourself daily! I hope you know I love u and I appreciate everything that you have done and do for me.

Belated Birthday Messages for Friends

32- Some years back on this very special date, a beautiful baby girl was given to my mom. She is the only girl that cry’s a lot of us back then, the girl that was put in the rain just for her to stop crying. No one messes with her and goes scot free if she’s on her right. I really, deeply and truly wish you all the best, my dear sister. May all your steps guide you in achieving greatest, may all your dumb choices combine into happiness? Happy belated birthday!
33- Happy belated birthday to my beautiful big sister and second mother! We grew up with a single parent and when mom left us to work, you were there filling in the gap but like a stepmother. You’ve always had to be strong for us and yourself.
34- My phone is still messed all up for those that’s sending me a message on the Facebook I’ve left my number for you to call but anyway I would like to take this time out to wish a Belated Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, better late than never and this is your birthday weekend and I know you turning up.
35- I actually thought it was today. Please, forgive my confusion. Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. May you always look forward to your Birthday as a day that brings you new milestones and ventures to accomplish in life, not as a day of growing old? I hope you have a great day. Belated wishes to my learned colleague.
36- Happy Belated Birthday my funny French friend. I’m sorry for the late birthday wish. I wish you more happiness and amazing adventures. You’re an amazing friend and a more incredible travel buddy. I’ll see you soon and we’ll share more life threatening drives and crazier adventures. Till next time. Peace and love.
37- I am so sorry for not calling you on your birthday! I still have time before it becomes belated, but I respect not to call too late. Words cannot express the joy that we bring each other as sisters from another mother. I pray all is well and you had a splendid birthday.
38- Sorry I’m late but I would like to wish my best friend a happy belated birthday! You are the most genuine, loving, caring, understanding, selfless, loyal, fastest text writer,  and funniest person I know! I will forever be blessed and honored to be your friend. You know you can always count on me to be here for your moments.
39- I am Sorry for being so late a getting around sending Birthday wishes to all my Facebook friends on here. I hope it’s not too late to catch all the late Birthdays, so I’m sending happy belated birthday’s wishes out to everyone that is my Facebook friends. I hope you everyone had a wonderful day while celebrating your wonderful birthday with your most wonderful loving families and with all of your friends.
40- Happy belated birthday dear grandma! I know I’m late as hell, so sorry. Hope you’re feeling better because I know you weren’t feeling too well on your birthday. Hope you got heaps and heaps of clothes and shoes, yes you are my little trendsetter.
41- I just wanted to say that if I did not post to your Facebook wall for your birthday, I am terribly sorry for that. So happy belated birthday to the people that I missed I truly hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Sorry for being late for it.

Mother to Daughter Birthday Wishes

Moms have reputations of being crazy of their children birthdays so check out this inspirational collection of happy birthday quotes for your daughter from a mother. We also add a bundle of cute birthday images and happy birthday poems for your daughter special day.  Happy Birthday to my first born angel girl, I am so proud of you. You born to be a leader, it is reflected daily in your classroom and outside as well. You have a servant’s heart and you are a woman of strong faith. You shine your light of integrity, honesty, and loyalty everywhere you go. Your role as a wife is unconditional. Motherhood is your passion and no one could do it better. Thank you for sharing your warmth and love with me. I am so blessed to call you my daughter! Love you to the moon and back! Have a blessed day! Hope you will like to share these quotes on your Whatsapp and Facebook statuses to wish her a great birthday.
Daughter Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

To my only daughter, I want to wish you Happy Birthday, since you been here this year, I fill like you and I have gotten closer. I am glad you are here. Love you very much.
I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Beautiful daughter. I’m proud of the woman you have become; you’re a great mother, daughter, and sister. You are not only my daughter you are my best friend. I hope you have a blessed day baby. I love you with all my heart.
Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, thanks to her lovely uncle and my wonderful and most kind-hearted aunt for making her day special and fabulous! I thank you, a million friend you are the best. Thanks to my girlfriend for always being there for us no matter what, thanks to my nieces and my mommy. May God continue to bless you guys!
My beautiful daughter, Happy Birthday, I love your Heart and soul! And I hope you have a beautiful day because you deserve it. I’m so proud of you. You are a wonderful mama and one very strong little woman. You are my first born and my baby girl, and you make me happy every day. Happy Birthday, baby, I hope you enjoy my message I left in your inbox.
Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter! You were my first born 20 years ago. We have shared a special bond and have grown together. You have given me the strength when I had none. Mommy is so proud of you for all your accomplishments and for who you are as a now grown woman.
Surprise 30th birthday party for my first born. This was quite a feat. We kept it secret. You have no idea how hard that was. She figured everything out. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter!
I want to be one of the first to wish my beautiful daughter a warm Happy Birthday today. She is a wonderful daughter, wife, and mother. She is very active in her religious activities too. We love you, God bless you.
Happy 10th birthday to my first born daughter! We spent an amazing afternoon together and talking about the craziness of her birth. Scariest moment ever having a child, but we both lived to laugh and are here to see how amazing God is! Now a date for dinner with her dad, I am so proud of that little 5 lb baby fighting for her life turning into an ambitious, smart, determined, mature beautiful young lady. It makes this momma so happy to see how God is working in her life.
I love you so very much. You are my first born my little princess my daughter always know that no matter what is going on that I am your mom and that I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday, boo. Love you to the moon and back again.
Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years ago today you were born. You weighed a whole 3 pounds. I did not get to hold you for the first month of your life. Finally, I got to bring you home. Then you make me a grandma of two beauties. Keep your chin high and don’t take any mess from no one. I love you more than you will ever know.
I want to give the biggest happy birthday to my 1st born daughter, I have watched you grow from my beautiful little baby to a grown woman and I can’t express how happy I’m to be your mom and to say I’m proud of the woman you’ve become. I want to no one know what we’ve been through as a family and together but I wouldn’t have wanted to go through it with any other person than you. I love you more than my life’s existence and I will remain to be by your side forever and always. Have a good, blessed, fun-filled, happy and exciting day because you deserve it.
I would like to wish you a very happy 20th birthday! I love you with all my heart, I’ve never been more proud of you in my whole life! I look forward to many more years celebrating your life. You are special to me in so many ways and even though you were my first born you will always be my beautiful baby.
I sincerely hope you will have a happy day. I will never forget the day you were born. I went into labor as we backed the car out of the drive your dad car went dead. Out of gas, we were. I called your grandmother and off to the hospital and barely got there in time for a hospital delivery. Happy birthday little bee, I love you so much.
Today is a reminder of how old I am getting, because today my love, my firstborn, my only daughter, turned 22 years old so I’m shouting all the way to Texas Happy Birthday to my baby girl. Mommy loves you with everything in me and there’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you, baby. I hope today brings you nothing but the sunshine.
Wishing a gorgeous little girl of mine a big Happy 2nd birthday! I’d love to have a custom cake done for my daughter for her 2nd birthday. I hope you have an awesome day and get everything you wanted, also to see you today because I am missing you like crazy.
Happy 2nd Birthday to my second born. You truly are an amazing little girl. You are a firecracker and a lover. You are everything I would have ever wanted to a daughter. You’re brave, smart, take charge, determined, beautiful and the best little sister ever! We love you so much.
Today is a very special and emotional day for me. Because not only is my daughter turning 21 but she is also moving out of her family home into her first apartment with her best friend. I knew that this time would come but not this soon. I’m so excited to see what this new phase in your life will bring you.
My beautiful daughter turns 15 today. It’s been amazing watching you grow into this very beautiful young lady. I hope you enjoy today and I hope this year will bring you nothing but happiness.
Happy birthday to my one and only daughter! It’s amazing how time flies. Watching you grow has been astonishing. Right from the day you were born, when I held you in my arm for the first time, I have always known that you are going to be a wonderful girl. Today being your 18th birthday we are very delighted to see you grown up so magnificently.
31 yrs ago was one of the happiest days of my life, my beautiful daughter was born. I will never forget to look at her beautiful face for the first time. You have brought so much joy to my life. I am proud of the young woman and mother you have grown into. Mommy loves you.
Happy 22nd birthday to our beautiful daughter! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of you from your first photo a few minutes after you were born through your first 21 years! I have so many favorites but I limited it to only 2 colleges.
To my beautiful daughter I know your birthday was yesterday or a little after she is now 22, so I just want to wish one of the better parts of me a very happy belated birthday, you are the first chamber in my heart, I hope your day was the best day, like it was for me when you was born. May the peace and blessings of God be upon your life forever!
To my one and only daughter, my first born child happy 8th birthday to you. Always believe in your dreams and keep it up. Your parents are here for you always no matter what. We love you so much and wish you that you have grown to be the role model for your siblings and make us proud always. God bless you.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Mom and Dad

Singing Happy 17th Birthday to my first born princess, there aren’t enough words to express my love and appreciation for my princess. She is an amazing young lady; she is an amazing daughter and big sister. She has taken lemons and definitely made lemonade. Such strength and courage she really lives by her motto I can do all things through God who strengthens me. The two little ones really look up to her.
I want to wish my sweet, loving, caring, silly and unique daughter a big Happy 13th Birthday! My first born daughter is now a teenager! I love this girl more than life itself, she’s beautiful intelligent amazing sweet I could go on and on and on there aren’t enough words to describe her greatness.
You have brought so much joy into my life. Thanks for being my friend and most of all an amazing daughter. Today is your day to turn up and show out. It’s your birthday; it’s your big day. Your parents and all your family love you more than words can express.
It seems like yesterday that God blessed me with my first born. Since then he’s been a source of pride and happiness to my life. She blesses me with a beautiful daughter-in-law and three gorgeous grandchildren. It’s hard to believe that 41 years have passed since that blessed day in August.
Thirty-Nine years ago I gave birth to my first born daughter. We’ve had our ups and downs but she has come so far and made me so proud to be her mom. Happy 39th Birthday Baby Girl! I hope you have an Amazing day today! I Love you!
I want to wish a very Happy 21st Birthday to my first born child. It seems like only yesterday that you came into this world and now you have grown into a beautiful woman who is a great daughter, sister and loving mother. I am very proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished in 21 years. We love you.
Happy 5th Birthday to our fun loving and energetic daughter! We waited so long for you to come into our family as our first born. You were worth the wait. Mommy, Daddy, and your little brother love you so much.
Wishing my daughter a happy sweet 16 Birthday. It’s crazy to believe that my first born is almost reaching adulthood. I’m proud of all the achievements, you’ve made through remaining focused and avoiding peer pressure. Continue growing into the intelligent, smart and beautiful young lady you are and enjoy your day.
Wow, 14 years ago you were a 5-year-old kindergartener. Today you are a 19-year-old woman. I can write pages about how proud I am of you. Happy birthday to my first born daughter! I love you beyond the moon and stars. Enjoy your day baby girl. Mama can turn up only for a little while today I have to work in the morning.
You are 29 today wow, I’m so proud of you. You were my first born the oldest. You don’t look it. I truly hope you enjoy your day with love and laughter. You deserve the best birthday. I wish I was there to celebrate with you. Keep on being who you are a great mommy, a great daughter, and a great wife.
They say it’s nothing like a mother’s love but I never knew love like this until I laid eyes on my first born daughter. I want to take the time out to wish my baby a happy 16th birthday. I love you baby and hope you enjoy your day.
Happy birthday to my gorgeous amazing daughter! 28 years ago today a bundle of joy was born and I became a first-time mom. I probably drove everyone crazy talking about how perfect she was. I am sorry my Facebook friends but have I told you that she is still perfect to me?

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Daughter Quotes

I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. We have been through ups and downs and made it through them all closer and stronger Ladies. Happy Birthday my Barbie doll, you make me proud to be your Mom. Have a great day Babe. I look forward to our time tonight to celebrate. I Love you very much.
Shouting Happy Birthday to my first born! I love you beyond the moon and stars. I am very proud of you. You are a wonderful mother sister, daughter, and aunt. I pray that the Lord continue to Crown you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of everything and person that you encounter. Now celebrate your day that God has allowed you to see another birthday. The turn up will be real this evening. Enjoy yourself in Michael Jackson voice.
Seven years ago today, a perfect little girl I’ve ever laid eyes on was born. She was born 2 days before my birthday and came home on my birthday. I didn’t know such love could exist until I held her in my arms for the first time. There’s nothing more I could ever ask for! Happy Birthday to my daughter!
Right now 11 years ago I was about 15 minutes away from having my first daughter! On that day life changed so fast. I went from the girl most voted not to have any kids because I couldn’t look after myself or cook to save my life. But the moment she came it was like I was born for this, like I had always been a mother. Never ever had I felt a love like that before? To this day and forever more I will love you unconditionally my clever, bright, funny, beautiful daughter. Happy birthday!
Happy 15th birthday to our first born! You are truly a great blessing. We thank God for giving us a wonderful daughter like you. We know this first year of high school has been a challenge but you have remained strong and faithful. We are always here for you sweetheart and we are so proud of you. Your little sisters adore you.
I thank God for giving me this precious gift for a daughter. She brightens my days and gives me a reason to be a proud mother. Happy 9th birthday my daughter, May God grant you good health and may you always be happy.
Screaming Happy 5th birthday to my so little but so strong baby girl, you’ve come so far since all your health issues at birth I was told your chance was slim and to prepare for the worst although when I looked in your eyes I saw your shine and your strength. I’m so blessed to call you my daughter I have induced today 5 years ago because you hadn’t gained any wait in the last 4 months of pregnancy my 3lbs 5Oz princess mommy will always know you’re a fighter, and such beautifully smart caring little carrot top. I love you to the moon and back, may today bring you great happiness.
My beautiful daughter is my best friend; I would do anything in the world to have her back to her, before her addiction before her crack head boyfriend, before her bad choices. I miss her chaff, misses her and it breaks my heart every minute of every day. I hope she realizes what she is doing and soon decides there are people that love her and that she means the world to some of us. She is important and beautiful and very special. She is loved and needed not by her addiction that keeps her down but by the people that truly love and care about her. Hard decisions will be made but it will all be in the interest of a better life.
Two years ago today I gave birth to the most precious little princess in the world. It was such an emotionally draining experience but I’d do it over and over for my little family. I wouldn’t have done it without all the support throughout my pregnancy and even now from my family and my husband’s family. It’s been the best 2 years of my entire life. Although I’d loved to have been able to share it with for other very special people, my brothers, and sisters, I hope they’ll be a part of her life soon. Thank you to everyone for all the support and gifts and mostly the time and effort to be there for my beautiful girl even after the novelty of a newborn wore off for a lot of people.
A day late but that’s because I was making sure my baby had an amazing birthday. Happy 2nd birthday to my amazing, talented, blessed, intelligent, gorgeous daughter, I love you so much.
Happy 2nd birthday officially! You were the first baby I held at a hospital just hours after you were born. You’re a sweet girl that when you see people you know, you wave and say their name, which you have a lot memorized. Seeing you now you have grown into the most beautiful little girl I’ve seen. You have brought so much joy and happiness into our life. We have so many happy memories already and the journey is still beginning but you’re the greatest daughter a mother could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday Poem from Mother to Daughter

My daughter oh how I’ve loved watching you grow.
Remembering the countless times that I had to tell you no!
It seems just like yesterday that you were born,
But there are so many clothes that you’ve outgrown and worn.
Right from the start, you came into our lives and warmed our hearts.
As you grew, it was evident that you were full of smarts.
I still remember how you’d laugh, smile, and stick out your tongue.
You did this daily, just for fun.
A head full of curly hair
And sleeping in like a hibernating bear.
From day one,
You stayed up to meet the sun.
Then, all day you’d sleep
And we were scared to even make a peep.
But gone now are those days
And you have picked up new ways.
Your love of books
Had you to wear out your Nook
And being the science genius that you are
Had you crowned the official chemistry star?
Fashion, clothes, and your style
Is evident in your room in a pile?
Green, green, everywhere
And sometimes even in your hair.
Social media, texting, and friends
But you never compromise, try to fit in, or bend.
You love God and your family too.
Stay true and there’s nothing that HE won’t do.
Your hopes, visions, and dreams
Have you on the right team.
I can’t believe how fast time flies,
But you will always be the apple of my eyes.
You are truly a young lady today
And this love and pride inside will never go away.
I love you more than words can say
But forever, in my heart, you will stay.

To my daughter on her birthday

It absolutely amazes me how just 17 years ago, my beautiful daughter, was laying in my arms just minutes after bringing her into this world. She wasn’t just a toy or a friend’s child that I was holding and having to let go at some point. She was mine and no one had a say on when I had to let go. From that day on, she has taught and shown me things that I never imagined were possible. She has seen me struggle and she has seen me at my best. Regardless of either, she has loved me unconditionally. All of what she has done was taught to her from that very moment our eyes met for the first time. I pray this amazing young woman knows that no matter how old she gets, she will always be the very first person that I ever loved and cared for so deeply, flaws and all. I’m here to continue to fight every battle and celebrate every victory. So that one day, she will be able to look into the eyes of her first child and do just the same. I love you. Times may be tough, but so are you. Happy 17th Birthday my love!

Is been already 28 yrs ago when I gave birth to the most wonderful daughter in my world, I don’t know how to tell you to thank you for been the person you are, you’re the most wonderful daughter who’s been there for me when I need you, even thru bad times. We fought, we got upset to each other, but always have that connection between mother and daughter, we’re been thru hard times and still you are a very strong young lady; this is for you.
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