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Month: January 2016

Happy Birthday Poems for Daughter from Mom and Dad

Daughter birthday poems
A daughter is an equal blessing for both mom and dad and this birthday poem for daughter from the parent will show a great love for a beautiful daughter. Poetry is the universally accepted source of love and these love poems for your daughter on her birthday will double her excitements on her special day. I am a dad and I write many poems and sing it like a song on my princess birthday. I cannot believe my loved one daughter is 18 today! How in the world did this happen so quickly? She is taller than me, she can grow an awesome long curly hair, and she stole my good looks gene which is depleting my supply now. She is a better dancer, a better tennis player and overall she is already so much smarter and educated than I ever was or could be. You have such a strong drive to succeed and you are working hard every single day. I love seeing that that out of you! But my favorite traits about you that go so far beyond everything said above is that you are kind, gentle, caring to others, very passionate and you love your family. 
Above all, your belief in God is what will shape your life. He will guide you to the best times of your life and extend His hand to pull you through the rock bottom lowest. Having this faith will take you very far in life, and quite frankly it’s all you need. With that said, the 18’s are a fun time bud, you are finding out what you’re personally capable of, you will be continually testing and pushing your own limits, you will see there is so much you don’t know, yet so much you already do know about life. This is the time where you start enjoying life and taking things to the next level. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Every year that goes by I cannot tell you just how amazing and proud you make me, your mom, your dad, and your family feel. It’s been awesome watching you go through life so far, and there is still so much ahead of you! We are always here for you! Slow it down a bit, you’re making me seriously feel old here. We love you, sweetheart. These birthday poems need your attention, all loving parents.

Happy Birthday Poems for Daughter from Mom and Dad!

Today the Apple of my eye turned 16 years young
My Baby, where does the time go?
Truly there are no words I can put together
to express how incredible this young lady is
She has been through so much at such a young age
 Yet her Spirit, Heart, and Love remain pure and true
She is one beautiful, extraordinary, respectful,
and resilient and one unique 16-year-old
Those who are fortunate to know her can attest to this
May you be blessed infinitely and abundantly in every way!
Dad loves you so much and is so very proud of you
Happy Sweet 16 Baby girl and stay there!
No more getting older! Enough is enough!
I was passing by
But I couldn’t resist the sweet aroma of the birthday cake
So don’t blame me if I come asking for my share of it
So I can’t partake in the ministry
Here is a happy birthday shout out to the cutest daughter
Wishing you God bless in everything you do
May you be blessed beyond measure,
May the gates of heaven open and shower its blessing upon you
May the works of your hand be blessed!
May His light that is you keep shining!
May you be a true ambassador of God!
May God look upon you and Smile!
May you live Long to Declare God Goodness upon your life!
Happy Birthday once again my little Miss Princess!
To my sweet and charming little baby girl
My firstborn, my pride, my source of happiness
My Inspiration and my very reason for living and striving!
Happy 4th birthday, you’re growing and getting smarter each day
And for that, I wish you all the best and more blessings from Lord
We promise to be forever you’re supportive,
Understanding and loving mama and papa
Happy birthday to my 7 year’s old little girl
I can’t believe you are 5 today!
I hope I have made an impact on someone’s life
I hope I show deserve love to the ones in my life
I hope that when I’m gone one day,
Far away from now, that I’ll be remembered
Happy birthday to my beautiful lovely daughter!
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!
Happy 19th Birthday! After you take off the makeup,
Fake hair, colored contacts and jewelry,
How will you know the essence of who you really are!
You create another person as you pile all that stuff on
Let a man see your beauty for who you are
Happy birthday to my cutest daughter in law
You deserve a lot on your special day
Hope you will admire this birthday card
A little surprising gift from your mother in law
No matter what happens to you in life,
Disappointments, hurts, separation etc
How you respond is extremely important to whether
You get the victory in the situation or if you become a victim
Today is my 14 years old daughter birthday
I just want to advise you that some people
Prefer to never play and never win while others
Prefer to always play and never win
What’s the difference if you may never win?
Either way, you ask? When you play
You keep giving yourself a chance
Also known as #hope you see if we live without hope
Then we have absolutely nothing,
It’s always better to work towards
 Your future rather than just letting it happen
Let the world amaze
With my shout out
To my beautiful daughter
You shouldn’t feel like a failure
Seriously! It’s one day
Being grateful and gracious
 To your family and friends
Who planned for you is more important
Tomorrow is s new day,
Happy birthday my daughter
Happy Birthday!
If you cannot eat cake,
Treat yourself some other way nice
Put a candle in your ice cream
Motherhood is an amazing opportunity and a shock!
It is time that the entire experience is shared
There is nothing more valuable to me than my children
I was stretched as a woman in the process
There were so many people who claimed
To be my friends during this time,
But no one cared as much as my daughter did
She’s the only one who checked up on me
She cried with me or let me cry on her shoulder
She was there before, during, and after
No matter what, we’re not as close as we used to be
But she will always be my best friend and my savior
I’m so grateful to have you in my life
Happy 25th birthday, I love you so much.
Happy 30th birthday my little queen
30 years ago you were like a little doll in my hand
Now you grow up and become a mother of 3 beautiful kids
I am so proud of you and you mother care ability
The human instinct is to give in to our emotions
I always say everything happens for a reason a
That reason is usually for growth
See human beings don’t determine our faith in life
GOD does so no matter who walks out of your life
Your response should be your source is in the Lord
So lift your head up and continue pressing on!
Life isn’t long enough to try the whole thing
Not short enough to consider the whole thing
 It’s excellent if you know that it’s nothing
So, live it up, drink it down and take chances
Never have doubts because at one point all you did
Was exactly what you wanted
Stay blessed, happy birthday
I love you so much.
You are not only my daughter
But my best friend as well
You give a new passion to my hollow life
On your birth, my world changed instantly
I feel myself the happiest mother in the world
You give me peace and contentment
With your true love and good friendship
I will never forget that
Thank you for being my friends
Happy birthday to my sweet 16 years old daughter!
Thank God for giving me the beautiful and intelligent daughter
Thank you, my God, for giving me the greatest gift you can have a woman
To have daughter like you is the most precious thing that has given me life
Congratulations my loves. Love you, mommy
You are my pride and my joy
My motivation and my heart
No words do justice in explaining
Exactly what she means to me
The undeniable bond that we have
If only she knew just how blessed
She makes life for me
Mama loves you.
Happy sweet 16 birthday to my two precious gifts from God!
I’m so grateful to be your mom,
 We have the opportunity to strive to be the parent
You need me to be and experience the joy of seeing the world
A new through the eyes of a child
I love you to the moon and back!

Short happy birthday rhymes for daughter!

I know you are watching us from the heaven; celebrating your birthday. I am praying for you. I could never even imagine the pain you must feel. Be strong, and know that we are here for you.
Happy Birthday my doll! I hope you can see how lucky you are to be here on this Earth; if not today, then maybe soon, however long it takes. Dad loves you beyond any imaginations.
Today is my daughter’s birthday she became 5 years old. I couldn’t let it go by without saying’ I love my daughters so much. I am so proud of my smart, funny, interesting, cool, hardworking and beautiful girl.
Happy birthday to my one and only a little honey bee, I love you, honey. You go on with to surprise me daily with how much of a little lady you have become. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend for life.
Happy 20th birthday my little angel! Even though you are having hard tokens hope you can find something that makes you a little bit happy on your special day. Dad loves you so much.
We are blessed and highly favored to have had her in our life. A daughter like her is hard to find. She makes us proud! Praise God!
I Love chatting with my children. Tonight’s my younger daughter was with my (soon to be 22yrs young) daughter. She truly has a beautiful spirit and sharp mind! It’s funny because as parents we are looked at as role models and guides for our children for their greater good and journey through life. However, if we listen to what our children have to say to us, we can hear a different perspective and learn something new for our own greater good and journey through life. And that is what happened moments ago with my daughter. But honestly, this has happened since they were born. They have taught me so much! Ponder that I Love you, hugs! Thank you, papa ’s doll!

Not every problem in the world can be solved with humor. On the other hand, if we all tried to use a little humor every day, the world might not have so many problems to start with. I pray you got a super energy on your birthday to kick out all problems from your life. If you are looking for a unique collection of happy birthday poems for your daughter, try out these lovely and fresh poems to post on her Facebook status or write with golden ink on her birthday card.

Funny Tomorrow Is My Birthday Quotes and Poems

Tomorrow is my birthday and don’t know what to do, keep calm and enjoy this cute collection of poems and quotes about tomorrow are my birthday phobia. Tomorrow marks another memorable day in my life. Be careful of how you treat people, the same ones who you don’t like or who you may believe don’t like you may be the same ones to end up Blessing you. Don’t miss out on blessings and opportunities being ignorant. That doesn’t mean to be fake though just handle yourself and situations with decency. If you are going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow, post the cute and funny quotes on your Facebook status or Whatsapp status and start receiving hundreds of advance birthday wishes from your friends.

Tomorrow Is My Birthday Quotes!

Tomorrow Is My Birthday 
1- I want a surprise tomorrow from my loved ones on my birthday. Being realistic is the fastest traveled path to mediocre. Small minded people will doubt big dreams. It’s easy for people on the sidelines to doubt and judge when they aren’t taking risks themselves. So don’t dim your light just because it will hurt someone else’s eyes! Don’t let a drop of yourself worth rely on their acceptance of you. Decide whether you will do it with or without them. They may call you crazy when you have just started but they will label you a genius once you have succeeded.
2- I can’t believe tomorrow is my 3rd 21st birthday. These years after high school have flown by so fast. I’m glad that I have achieved the goal of working in the medical field & I’m almost done with my MA classes. So by 24, I will have graduated! A few hiccups and bumps in the road but I am always in control of every situation so I’m blessed nonetheless.
3- I can’t keep calm, my birthday is tomorrow and I can’t wait who wants to celebrate with me. People know when you’re not really listening. They can feel your distracted mind turning. A friendly reminder that keeping a busy mind doesn’t give you progress, but staying present can change lives for the better every time. That’s the kind of progress that counts.
4- Tomorrow is 15th June, the most special day of my life. Lord, I thank you for being with me for 35 years! I didn’t always know you were with me but when I discovered that you were, you’ve NEVER left me nor forsaken me in my times of distress! I will forever serve you faithfully because I’ve had a taste of both worlds. I choose you! I’m so blessed to be going through life with you guiding me daily, protecting me, working out every situation for my good before even I see the good in it!
5- Keep calm, tomorrow is my birthday. Good morning world. Thank-you God for allowing me to wake up and Thank you again for this beautiful day! The last day that I am going to wake up and be 26 because my birthday is here one day away and as soon as the clock says 12 am I will b turning up.
Say what?! It’s my last night before I turn the big 30 and my boyfriend is asleep before 9 pm, so I’m going to curl up on the recliner, eat some cookies and cream extreme ice cream and watch some TV in peace! I know, I’m wild because it’s my birthday tomorrow.
6- In less than 24 hours, we will be sitting for my grand 18 birthday party. Good luck to myself and all my friends. Remember what Dr said: Everything you have learned in the past 17 years is there in your cerebral cortex. I am just waiting the time to come out.
7- It’s the most difficult time to get me in order. I will be changing things up, focusing on what I’m trying to get in life and go after it. I am asking God to remove everything and everyone who will block me from my blessings and reach my goals. I will be 24 tomorrow and I’m ready for that change in myself. I think played long enough. Now I need to put a little more work so I can play harder.
8- I love the That moment when you’re missing your family like crazy, so your momma sends an early birthday card filled with family photos and love. Yes, you guess right, tomorrow is my 25 birthday.

9- Tomorrow I will achieve 21 years of my awesome life as I wake up let me thank the Lord that He has woke me up once more. I also thank Him for sending His angels to guard and protect all of us in our sleep, work etc. May He continue being with us always.
10- I Got up one more year, didn’t hear no one unwrapping a gift, or screaming happiness, but anyways dinner was done, gifts delivered, now I need to figure out what day is going to be like.
11- Ha, Friday the 13th is the last day I spend 37 wonderful, phenomenal years of age. No time to be scared, though. Let’s rock it and enter into 38 tomorrow with a bang.
12- I’ll mostly be glad if anyone of you post my picture and tag me as them wishing me a happy birthday come on, don’t be rude, and tomorrow is my birthday.

13- I have 2,283 Facebook friends and none of them have a birthday today. I assume this is just the world holding its breath for the best birthday ever.
14- The day I went to the market to get groceries for my birthday, I encountered the meat-seller (ladies should know those stubborn guys now). After much hassling with the prince and the normal psyching we Canadian women carry out in the market to get the best bargain, I slipped and told him “tomorrow is my birthday”. He smiled and happily approved of the price I had in mind. He cut them meat, packaged it and I gave him the highest Canadian currency denomination and waited diligently for my change. He then smiled, and said he wouldn’t give me my change until I gave him the venue and my number, I smiled. I thought of my change. I thought of the stress I had used to get the price. I walked away, still smiling. He called, but I kept on smiling, good or bad?
15- As I keep on bragging, I truly wish that someone buys me something nice like a box of chocolates for my birthday tomorrow. The world is full of lies. You won’t even know who and what to believe. Sometimes the best you can do is to not look at the things you don’t understand and embrace the reality facts are always the things that have proofs.
16- My 18th birthday is tomorrow! For once in a long time, I feel excited about seeing another age. We mostly fear failure, scared to disappoint those that believe in us family & friends and tend to do a stupid decision. We always want to fit in, of which that is the biggest mistake, we need to start loving ourselves, be able to make ourselves happy, before fitting in and making people who don’t care about you happy. Family comes first to most of us, respect, and love and takes care of them before any other person.
17- Hey mean girls, make sure that you’ll go at my crib tomorrow ok? I’ll be expecting you guys. I don’t play with the word love so, believe me, when I say it and, believe me, when I don’t. They’re levels to this and I got love for everybody but I love my family different than others, I may love you but not in love with you, one thing I learned is you can’t love everybody the same, but I also don’t have the time and energy to hate others either. I love closely and I love from a distance. Love is Powerful.

18- A sweet happy birthday message won’t do any harm to you unless you hate me. Nobody understands what you go through until the tables turn and now they find themselves in the same position they thought they would’ve never been in.
19- Last day as 22-year-old, you better believe we are rocking out to 22 by Taylor Swift during lunch. Heck, we’re jamming to it all day. You have to get through the storm in order to see the sunshine. If you make it through the worst, you’re only preparing yourself for the best. I always make something positive out of everything negative. Stay Positive.
20- This is my last day I get to be 35; I’m not sure how I really feel about that. So today I made a decision to make a few more changes in my life. One major change is going to open up a lot more opportunities and I’m willing to make sacrifices in order to be where I know I should be. This is going to be the best decision I made for myself.
21- It’s all most time for me to let go of thirty and head on into thirty-one. A good person will only go through so much before they know they’re worth and let go. I know I give my all before I walk away from any situation, so I can say I did my part and can look back with no regrets. Good people do get fed up.

Funny Tomorrow Is My Birthday Poem

Tomorrow is my birthday what should I do?
Keep calm and lets nobody wish me?
Make an emergency  call on my Whatsapp status?
Update my Facebook status?
Post a birthday meme on Instagram?
Make miss calls at 12 to all my friends?
Order pizza, burger, and ice cream on birthday lunch?
Invite my Japanese friends to dance on French song?
Call my boyfriend for a surprise party and untold gift?
Bunk from school and make a dance on hills?
Prepare my math test on a birthday cake?
My birthday is not an emergency; I know promotion is not an emergency. My momma always told us to respect others, always help others, don’t talk about others because we don’t know their story and love one another that I’ve done. But one thing I learned is you can’t treat everybody the same, after giving them the benefit of the doubt it’s up to them to remain solid, but not everybody will stay solid. Things change, people change and time changes.
You are only old if you go to the bathroom and can’t remember why you are there. Regret is a powerful feeling. It can blind you. It lets the darkness overpower the light. A lifetime of small regrets has the power to change a person for good, especially if they’re not careful to course correct.
Tomorrow’s my birthday and school is almost over and the weekend is almost here and I am so excited. When you respond differently to the same circumstances you’ve had in the past, you are in a position of control and true power and are able to create any reality you desire.
It’s my birthday tomorrow, it’s a privilege for me to usher into my 34th birthday understanding exactly what my purpose here on earth is. I felt so lost for many years of my life, questioning my existence while searching in all the wrong places for a sense of belonging. I stopped relying on people to lift me up! I have a permanent peace even in the midst of utter chaos. I have an unspeakable joy within that no disappointing situation can take away. I’ve got the love of God within me that keeps my heart soft even through repeated attacks.
Tomorrow I am getting reborn; I might be reborn to better n extraordinary being you have never imagined of. That’s my prayer. Reborn means being a superhuman which of course I don’t want to be. After tomorrow friends, I just want to find myself a better, sinless, pure, cleaner, ever happy person. Don’t regret my birth in a way because it’s obvious that am that change my generation is looking up to and I must make that change to them.

Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes

Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes/ Belated Wishes For Engagement/ Belated Engagement Wishes/Belated Congratulation Wishes For Engagment

Engagement wishes always bring happy thoughts of love and happiness to the engaged couple. Belated engagement wishes are still worth sending. So if you have forgotten to send engagement congrats to your friends send belated congratulation wishes right away. Here is a collection of belated engagment congratulation wishes.

  • I am so happy to hear about your engagemennt! I just came to know last evening. Sending you loads of love and congratulations to both of you. 

  • Best wishes to the happy pair, at last you are getting married. I am sorry this is quite late! 

  • I hope it is not too late for me to congratulate you for your engagement party. 

  • When you introduced your boyfriend to me five years ago, I knew he will be the one for you. Congratulations you are engaged now! Sorry for being late. 

  • Sorry my wishes are reaching you quite late. Congratulations on your engagement! I wish all the best until your wedding day. 

  • Your love will finally be sealed on your wedding day, I am happy to hear about the engagement. I am so sorry I was not able to come to your engagement party. 

  • Your dream of becoming one will finally come true as you tie the knot on your wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you, I am so sorry this message came late. I still believe that it is better late than never.

  • Happy Engagement my dear brother! At last, you are getting married. It is about time for you to settle down with the lucky woman, Cheryl, my future sister-in law. I am sorry this note is quite late. 

  • Happy Engagement to the wonderful couple! Sorry I just arrived from my travel abroad; I was not able to attend your engagement party. 

    • May God always bless you as you begin your marriage journey from your engagement party. Congratulations! 

    • Looking forward to a lovely future for both of you. I am sorry I missed your party, you know the demands of my work in the hospital. I am excited to see you soon, dear. 

    • Engagement party news is always a wonderful thing. Sorry, I missed it, but I sincerely wish you the best as you start a new chapter in your life. May the whole wedding preparations will be smooth and hassle free. I cannot wait to see you walking the isle. Congratulations! 

    • Belated engagement wishes for you and Charles. Best wishes on your engagement, unfortunately, I missed the party. May your dreams come true as you start a new life together. Congratulations on your engagement! 

    • I am sure you will be a wonderful couple, I wish you joy and happiness in your marriage life. Congratulations! 

    • A bright future is coming ahead as you officially announced your engagement. I am sorry I missed the party. 

    • May your love grows more after your engagement party, until your wedding day, and thereafter when you start a new life together in marriage. Belated wishes for your engagement. 
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